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Quarterly Test 1

Quarterly Test 1 Review Exploring Creation with Biology

What are the four criteria for life? Contains DNA -- Extract energy from surroundings and convert it for own use -- Sense and respond to changes in environment -- Reproduce
Name classification groups in hierarchical order. Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species
A biologist studies two organisms from the same family. She then studies two organisms from the same genus in that family. In which case do you expect the most similarity between organisms? The members of the same genus
Why did the law of spontaneous generation survive for so many years? Flawed experiments seemed to confirm it
An organism is a multicellular decomposer with eukaryotic cells. To what kingdom does it belong? Fungi
An organism is a multicellular autotroph with eukaryotic cells. To what kingdom does it belong? Plantae
What do most bacteria use for locomotion? Flagella
What is the main mode of reproduction in bacteria? Asexual reproduction
In the three-domain system, in which domain would an organism made of a single, eukaryotic cell be classified? Eukarya
A bacterium suddenly cannot manufacture proteins. What component of the cell is not working? Ribosome
Describe conjugation in bacteria. A trait is passed from one bacterium to another via a small strand of DNA called a plasmid.
How can conjugation affect population growth in bacteria? A trait can be passed that allows the bacteria to survive adverse conditions, allowing a growth in population.
A bacterium receives a new trait that it did not previously have, but it did not participate in conjugation. How is this possible? It participated in transformation.
What conditions are needed for bacteria to grow? Moisture -- Moderate temperature -- Nutrition -- Darkness -- Proper amount of oxygen
If a population of bacteria is in steady state, does that mean no bacteria are dying? No. They are dying and reproducing, so the population is staying the same.
What are the technical names for the three shapes of bacteria? Coccus Bacillus Spirillum
If an organism from kingdom Protista is heterotrophic, what subkingdom is it most likely in? Protozoa
What is the body of a plant-like organism that is not divided into leaves, roots, or stems. Thallus
What is the function of a contractile vacuole? What is the difference between this and a food vacuole? Contractile vacuole collects excess water from the cell and expels it to reduce pressure. Food vacuole stores food while it is being digested and has nothing to do with excess water or pressure.
If all diatoms were to suddenly go extinct, what would happen to the earth's atmosphere? The oxygen supply in the atmosphere would dwindle away.
An organism forms a hard shell around itself in response to life-threatening conditions. If those life-threatening conditions had not occurred, it would not have behaved in such a way. Is this organism from phylum Sporozoa? Why or why not? It is not from phylum Sporozoa because members of this phylum form spores as a natural part of their life cycle.
Name two pathogenic organisms from kingdom Protista. Entamoeba histolytica -- Trypanosoma -- Balantidium coli -- Plasmodium -- Toxoplasma
What is the means of locomotion for phylum Sarcodina? Pseudopods
What is the means of locomotion for phylum Mastigophora? Flagella
What phylum contains organisms that must have two nuclei? Ciliophora
Which two phyla in kingdom Protista contain multicellular organisms? Phyla Phaeophyta and Rhodophyta
What is mutualism? Two or more organisms live together in a mutually beneficial way.
Which phylum contains the organisms responsible for most of the photosynthesis that occurs on earth? Chrysophyta
What is the means of locomotion for phylum Ciliophora? Cilia
What generic term is used for members of phylum Chrysophyta? Diatoms
What are the subkingdoms of kingdom Protista? Algae and Protozoa
What are septate hyphae? Hyphae that have distinct cell walls.
What useful medicine is produced by fungi in genus Penicillium? Penicillin
What type of asexual reproduction do yeasts use? Budding
When a slime mold reproduces, it resembles organisms from what kingdom? Fungi
What hyphae in fungi functions as support and digests food? Rhizoid
Which type of hyphae asexually reproduces? Stolon
Name a form of mutualism in fungi; describe the relationship and the job of each participant. Mycorrhizae: relationship between a fungus and a plant's root system; mycelium takes nutrients from the root, while giving minerals -- Lichen: relationship between a fungus and an alga; the alga produces food for both, the fungus protects the alga
Which phylum contains fungi that do not have a known mode of sexual reproduction? Deuteromycota
Which specialized hypha releases spores? Sporophore
A mushroom is like an iceberg; why? We see only the fruiting body of the fungus, which is a small fraction of the total mushroom; the mycelium is the largest part of a mushroom.
Name a pathogenic fungus and the malady it causes. Claviceps purpuria:death -- Cryphonectria parasitica:chestnut blight -- Ophiostoma ulmi:Dutch elm disease -- Synchytrium endobioticum:potato wart
Which specialized hypha obtains nutrients from the cell of its host? Haustorium
What is fermentation? Anaerobic breakdown of sugar into smaller molecules
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