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Membra Corporis

Body parts vocab

caput head
umerus shoulder
manus hand
os, oris mouth
digitus finger
oculus eye
nasus nose
auris ear
mentum chin
coma hair
dorsum back
cubitum aut ulna elbow
coxendix hip
femur thigh
genu knee
crus leg
lacertus upper arm
talus ankle
pes, pedis foot
calx heel
venter belly
pectus, pectoris chest
facies face
pyga "behind"
cutis skin
capillus single hair
frons, frontis forehead
gena cheek
supercilium eyebrow
palpebra eyelid
bracchium arm
labium lip
collum neck
dens, dentis tooth
cervix, cervicis nape of the neck
pollex, pollicis thumb
unguis fingernail
umbilicus belly button
sura calf
os, ossis bone
cerebrum brain
barba beard
gingiva gum
cor, cordis heart
renes kidneys
patella kneecap
pulmo, pulmonis lung
costa rib
spina spine
stomachus stomach
planta sole of the foot
guttur aut fauces throat
vena vein
lingua tongue
calva scalp, bald head, or skull
cranium skull
musculus muscle
latus, lateris side
vesica bladder
cilium eyelash
subium moustache
iecur, iecoris liver
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