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English III

Edgar Allen Poe and "The Masque of Red Death"

How did Poe's mother die? From tuberculosis
His successes in ____, _____, and ______ proved Poe's mastery of popular genres horror; science-ficion; detective story
What football team was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe? Baltimore Ravens
Poe published _____ short stories and _______ poems. 60; 51
What are Poe's distinctive themes? Obsession, madness, and untimely death
Why was Poe expelled from college? Gambling debts
How are the theories of the cause of Poe's death ranged? From alcohol poisoning, brain lesions, or rabies
What did Poe's life and work exemplify which is the conflict between beautiful ideals and dark impulses? Deepest division of self
Who is Sir Arthur Doyle's scientific sleuth that was inspired by Poe's agent? Sherlock Holmes
Who was influenced by Poe? Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Herman Melville, Jules Verne, William Faulkner, H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, and Stephen King.
Who were the writers of the "Brooding" Romantics? Poe, Hawthorne, and Melville
What did Edgar Allan poe invent? Modern detective story
Who did Poe denounce the work of? Harry Wadsworth Longfellow
Avatar- The physical form of an unseen force
Pest ban- Announcement of infection with the plague
Castellated abbey- Castle-like abbey
Ingress or egress- Entry or exit
Provisioned- Stocked with supplies
Improvisatori- Poets who compose verses aloud
Impede- To interfere with or slow the progress of
Brazier- Metal pan for holding fire
Countenances- Faces
Ebony- A hard, very dark wood
Brazen- Brass
Evolutions- Intricate patterns of movement
Disconcert- State of confusion
Reverie- Daydream
Decora- Fine things
Cessation- Coming to an end; a stopping
Disapprobation- Disapproval
Propriety- The quality of being proper; appropriateness
Blasphemous- Disrespectful or offensive
Illimitable dominion- Unlimited power
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