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lat.vocab.test IV

latin.packet.unitXVI-vocabs.lesson93.latin mastery list

posterus following, next
postulo demand
praeda booty
praeficio put in charge of
praemitto send ahead
praesidium protection
praesto excel
praesum be in command
praeter except,besides,beyond
praeterea besides
premo press,oppress
pretium price
pridie the day before
primo at first
principatus leadership
prior former,previous
priusquam before
procedo advance
procurro run forward
produco lead forth
proficiscor set out
progredior proceed,advance
prohibeo hold back, prevent
prope near
propero hurry
propinquo approach
propinquus neighboring
propono set forth, offer
propterea for this reason
prosequor pursue
proximus nearest, next
quaero seek, ask
quaestor quaestor
quam how, as, than
quantus how great
quidam a certain
quidem indeed, in fact
quisque each one, each thing
quo where
quot how many, as many as
ratio method, plan, reason
recipio take back, receive
rectus straight
reddo give back, return
redeo go back, return
reditus return
reduco lead back
refero bring back
regio region, district
reliquo leave, abandon
reliquus remaining, rest of
remaneo remain
remitto send back
removeo move back, withdraw
renuntio bring back word, report
repello drive back
resisto resist
respondeo reply, answer
responsum reply
retineo hold back, keep
reverto turn back, return
rogo ask, beg
rursus again
saepe often
sagitta arrow
salus safety, welfare, health
satis enough
salvus safe
schola school
scienta knowledge
scribo write
scutum shield
sedeo sit
semper always
sententia feeling, opinion
sentio feel, perceive
sic thus, so
singuli one at a time
solum only
solvo loosen, set sail
spatium space, distance
species appearance, sight
specio see
specto look at
statim immediately
statuo station, decide
sto stand
studeo be eager for, desire
studium eagerness, enthusiasm
subito suddenly
subsequor follow closely
subsidium aid
sui of himself
summus highest, top of
sumo take
superior higher, upper
supero defeat, surpass
superus upper
supra(-) above
suscipio(v) undertake
suspicio(n) suspicion
sustineo hold up, withstand
taberna shop
talis such
tam so
tamen however, still, yet
tantus so great, so much
tardo slow up, stop
tardus slow, late
teneo hold, keep
tergum back
tertius third
timidus fearful
terreo frighten
terror fright
timeo fear
timor (n) fear
tollo raise
tot so many
trado surrender, hand over
traduco lead across
traho draw, drag
transeo go across
transporto carry across
tum then
turris tower
ulterior farther
ullus any
una(-) together
unda wave
undique from everywhere
ut in order to, that
uter which (of two)
uterque each (of two), both
valeo be well, be strong
vallum wall, rampart
vasto destroy
vel or
ventus wind
vereor fear, respect
vero in truth, indeed
verto turn
verum but
verus true
vesper evening
vicus village
vigilia(n) watch, guard
vigilio(v) keep awake, watch
vinco conquer
vox voice, word
voluntas will, wish
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