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A&B Final

Review for Final

A substance made of only one type of atom is called an ___. element
Name the element represented by each chemical symbol. Fe ___ Na___ P___ Iron=Fe Sodium=Na Phospherus=P
The most abundant compound in the human body is ___. H20
What 3 things are needed for a balanced chemical state of the body? Acids, bases, and buffers
What are 3 major regulatory systems to maintain chemical balance? Buffer system, Renal system, and Respiratory system
A ___ is regarded to as a "chemical sponge." buffer
The smallest part of an element that still retains properties of that element is a/an ___. atom
The kind of change that produces a new substance is a ___ change. chemical
The ___ is considered the basic unit of life. cell
What is the neutral pH? 7.0
An increase in ___ ions makes a solution more acidic. hydrogen
What is the substance of all living material? What does it mean? protoplasm:original substance
Which organelle functions as the protein factories in the cell? ribosomes
Is the elbow considered proximal or distal to the shoulder? distal
Three types of muscle tissue are: cardiac, smooth, and skeletal
What part of the body is the thorax in? chest
Created by: chelseyb23