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Fundamentals Ch.1

When nursing was taken out into the community, nursing education was essentially an? apprenticeship
The American Red Cross was founded by________, as an outgrowth of service during the ________war? Clara Barton; Civil
In setting up her nurses training Florence Nightingale carried out her belief that:(all that apply)1.Recreational therapy is essential to recovery3.Nursing should be taught by nurses4.Proper nutrition is essential to recovery from illness6.sick people nee 1. Recreational therapy is essential to recovery 3. Nursing should be taught by nurses 4. Proper nutrition is essential to recovery from illness 6. sick people need occupational and recreational therapy 7. fresh clean air is beneficial to the sick
Inherent in any definition or philosophy of nursing are several core concepts they include (all that apply) 1. promoting wellness 3. facilitating coping 5. preventing illness 6. restoring health
A nursing theory is based on? existing information
One main differences between an LPN and an RN is a LPN is...? required to work in a supervised setting
Which of the following nursing education programs prepares a nurse for a management role? BSN
What would be an example of collaborative practice? Speaking with the social worker about the pts insurance problems
an advantage to the patient of a managed health care system is? paying lower health insurance costs and small copayments
An example of an illness prevention activity is? performing vision screenings
Nursing is....? a profession with roots back to the beginning of civilization
Florence Nightengale lowered pt. death rates through such things as improved? sanitation
Formal nursing education to become a RN can be completed in a ______ year diploma program? three
LPNs can be supervised by a? RN
The nursing process is a systematic method for? assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating patient care
A system of nursing care delivery where the registered nurse has 24 hr patient accountability is? Primary nursing
In an effort to contain rising health care costs, diagnosis related groups (DRGs) were created in 1983 by? Medicare
In order to become an advanced practical nurse, the following degree is required masters
when a severe civilian nursing shortage emerged during WWII, ________ nursing was created to fill the gap? Practical
The delivery of a nursing care system that involves practical nurses performing a series of tasks such as administration of medications and treatments is known as? Functional
Who was the first visiting nurse? Phoebe
In the 20th century, nurses moved into: the community
Who established the Henry Street Settlement in New York City? Lillian Ward
Which educational nursing program takes 2 to 5 years to complete? professional nursing program (RN/BSN)
Which educational nursing program attracts the majority of registered nurse (RN) students? associate degree program
Which was the first care delivery system for practical nurses? Functional nursing care
The intent of diagnosis-related groups (DRGs) was which of the following? contain hospital costs
Which of the following is included in the six levels of care within the health care system? Skilled, Postacute, Restorative, Hospice Restorative
A nursing ________ is a statement about relationships among concepts or facts, based on existing information. Theory
The goals of nursing include which of the following? (Select all that apply.) A.To promote wellness B.To prevent illness C.To facilitate coping D.To restore health A, B, C, D (All of them)
The lady who took volunteers into the field hospitals to care for soldiers of both armies during the Civil War is? Clara Barton
Formal nursing traing was initially to produce __________ nurses practical
In the US in the early schools of nursing, education was acheived through working directly on the _________ unit hospital
There were several prominent nurses instrumental in the progression of nursing in the U.S. Which nurse began community nursing? Lillian Ward
Best practices in nursing are based upon ? scientific evidence of success
A nursing theory is a statement about relationships among concepts or facts based on ________ knowledge existing
the practice of nursing is goverened by which of the following? 1. Standards of nursing care. 2. nurse practice acts. 3. codes of ethics. 4. state legislation. 5. institutional policies 1,2,4
Practical nursing arose to fill a gap by? nurses who enlisted in the military
under DRG system, the hospital receives a set amount of ______ for each patient hospitalized with a particular Dx. money
HMO's have become a prominent part of health care in the United States. HMO's (AA)1. provide care at a lower price than independant doctors.2.enroll pts at a set fee per month.3.are very popular with physicians.4.have a preferred list of providers 1provide care at a lower price than independant drs2. enroll at a set fee per month
Managed care has brought several changes to the practice of medicine. Effects of managed care are:(AA)1.less continuity of care for the patient.2.provision for the pt to stay with one physician long term.3.attention to delivery of cost effective care. 1,3
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