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Local Anesthetics

What was the first anesthetic Cocaine
What is another name for Xylocaine Lidocaine
What is another name for Carbocaine Mepivacaine
What is the ideal local anesthetic Potent,reversible,absence of systemic and allergic reactions
What are the two types of anesthetics Esters and Amides
What is the chemistry of an ester Central "C" with two "O"
What is the chemistry of an amide Central "C" with oxygen and Nitrogen
What is the mechanism of action from the anesthetic H-B The base will block a channel
From the mechanism of action what does the B of an anesthetic block It blocks Na from entering the cell
What is another name for an anestic A free base
The rate of absorption depends on what Vasculaity of the tissue
What is the Pregnancy category of Lidocaine Category B
What anesthetic is 10 times more soluble than lidocaine Bupivacaine
Whats another name for Bupivicaine Marpivicaine
Why are amides commonly used There are less reported allergies than esters
When someone is allergic to an anesthetic what are they allergic to The ester
What is a problem with a local anesthetic They are local dilators
Ester anesthetics in the plasma will metabolize the ester into PABA
What is the responsible factor for allergies with esters PABA
How are anesthesia excreted Through the kidneys
Anesthetics will commonly block what first Autonomic, cold and warmth
What will anesthetics block later Pain, touch, pressure, vibration, proprioception and motor
What is an important factor to consider with anesthetics and adverse reactions The patients weight
How should the anesthetic be injected to keep it localized Slowly
Epinephrine is what class of pregnancy anesthetic C class
Benzacine is what class of pregnancy anesthetic C class
Lidocaine is what class of pregnancy anesthetic B
In generally what two physiological functions occur when taking anesthetics depression of the cardiovascular system and the CNS
Majority of ingredients in a anesthetic is Anesthetic
What common ingredient is found within Epinephrine Sodium Bisulfite
Name a local anesthetic Amides
Name a local anesthetic Esthers
Name a local anesthetic w/ epinephrine
Name a local anesthetic w/o epinephrine
Name an amide anesthetic Lidocaine
Name an amide anesthetic Mepivacine
Name an amide anesthetic Prilocaine
Name an amide anesthetic Bupivacaine
Name an amide anesthetic Ropivacaine
Name an amide anesthetic Articaine
Whats another name for Lidocaine Xylocaine, octocaine
Whats another name for Mepivacaine Carbocaine, polocaine, isocaine
Whats another name for Prilocaine Citanest
Whats another name for Bupivacaine Marcaine
Whats another name for Ropicacaine Naropin
Whats another name for articaine Septocaine
Created by: kalanipau