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9th: lesson 8 ww

Wordly Wise 9th grade lesson 8

Adroit Clever at dealing with difficult situations; adept; skillful.
Affront To insult or to offend deliberately. OR A deliberate insult or offensive act.
Avocation An activity pursued for a pleasure; a hobby.
Crusade A prolonged, impassioned struggle for what is believed to be a just cause. OR To engage in a such a struggle.
Definitive Supplying a final answer; conclusive.
Demeanor Behavior; bearing.
Erudite Having or demonstrating extensive knowledge; learned.
Induct To install in office, sometimes with a formal ceremony. OR To admit to a society or to military service.
Lapse To fall or slip from a certain level of conduct or accomplishment. To come to an end; to expire.
Lapsed A minor mistake; a slip. OR A pause or interval.
Militant Ready to fight, especially for a cause. OR One who is ready to fight for a cause.
Pariah A social outcast.
Prodigy A person who shows remarkable talent at an early age. OR An amazing or extraordinary thing or event.
Protégé One whose training or career is helped along by another.
Raucous Rough and unpleasant to the ear. OR Boisterous and disorderly.
Tacit Expressed without words; implied.
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