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7th grade

define ecosystem? is all the living and nonliving factors that affect an organism.
define biomes is a major region that is characterized by its climate,soil type(s), and the dominant plants, animals, and other organisms that live there.
what are of the land biomes? tundra, taiga, deciduous forest, grassland, rain forest, and desert
what is the climate of the tundra? cold
what is the climate of taiga? cold
what is the climate of the deciduous forest? moderate
what the climate of the grassland? moderate
what the climate of the savanna(type of grassland)? hot
what the climate of the rain forest? hot
define climate Weather conditions over a long period of time
Rivers & Streams Bodies of flowing water moving in one direction.
land & stream surrounded by land
Estuary An area where fresh water from rivers spills into the ocean
The Intertidal Zone is the place where the ocean meets the land. This area is exposed to the air for part of the day. Waves are always crashing on the rock and sand.
The Neritic Zone the water becomes deeper. The ocean floor starts to slope downward. The water is warm and receives a lot of sunlight. Many interesting plants and animals, such as corals, sea turtles, fishes, and dolphins, live in this zone.
The Oceanic Zone the sea floor drops sharply. This zone contains the deep water of the open ocean.
Created by: PRgurl2312