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Unit 3 Test

Practice for Unit 3 Test

What are the mineral properties… Color, Streak, Luster, Hardness, Cleavage, and Special Properties.
Metamorphic rock is created through… Heat and Pressure
A mineral has to have the following characteristics…. Solid, inorganic, naturally occurring, crystal structure, and definite chemical composition.
What is an ore? A rock that contains a mineral that can be mined for profit.
Oxygen and silicon are in most of “what” on the earth’s surface? minerals
What type of deposit would you find in a shallow sea? Gypsum
What are the external forces that act on rocks in the rock cycle? Wind and water.
What is the rock cycle? The process of rock formation. (Rock particles deposited as Sediment, turned into Sedimentary rocks, change to Metamorphic rocks, eroded back to Rock particles___ Rock particles form into Metamorphic rocks, melt to form Molten rock, cool to form Igneous r
How do sedimentary rocks change to metamorphic rocks? Heat and pressure
Where are sediments deposited? Shallow water- the sea, rivers, streams, etc.
What type of features do weathering erosion and deposition cause? Caves, canyons, beaches, valleys, etc.
What causes erosion? Mostly water, but wind may erode rock as well.
Soil has different colors…what is significant about the different colors and which color represents a better support of wildlife? Red and brown soil have adequate moisture and air, which are good for farming. However, since black soil has too much water, they would be classified as wetlands, which would provide better support for wildlife.
Created by: jabb123