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68wm6 p2 inf mal rep

Infections of the Male Reproductive System

What is prostatitis An acute or chronic infection of the prostate gland
What is prostatitis commonly caused by? Bacterial invasion from the urethra
What is athralgia? Pain in the joints
What is myalgia? Pain in the muscles
Where does the bacterial invasion in prostatits originate? Bloodstream or descending infection of the kidneys
What happens to the prostate fluid during prostatitis? pH is elevated
What intervention by the physician increases the flow of infected prostatic secretions? Periodic digital massage
True or False: Ambulate a PT with prostatitis every 1 - 2 hours to increase lymphatic flow and subsequent fighting of infection. False. Encourage bed rest to relieve strain and pain of the perineum and suprapubic area
What is epididymitis? Infection of the male reproductive tract
Epididymitis can be bilateral. What can bilateral epididymitis cause? Sterility
What is Epididymitis associated with? urethral strictures, cystitis, and prostatitis
What are risk factors for Epididymitis? *Trauma to the genital area *Instrumentation of the urethra *Cystoscopy *Physical exertion *Prolonged sexual activity
What are clinical manifestations of Epididymitis? *"Duck walk" or "waddling gait" *Sudden appearance of severe pain in the scrotum *Pain radiates along spermatic tube *Scrotal edema and tenderness *Pyuria *Chills and fever
What are the nursing interventions of Epididymitis? *Bed rest during acute phase of illness *Support of testicular area(elevation of the scrotum on folded towel during bedrest and athletic support when ambulatory) *Ice compresses(intermittently) *Patient education
Created by: Shanejqb
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