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68wm6 Inf Fem Rep

Infections of the Female Reproductive Tract

What are most common causative organisms of vaginitis? *E.coli *T.vaginalis *Candida Albicans
Who is vaginitis most frequently seen in? Women with diabetes
What are the risk factors for vaginitis? *Diabetes *Stress *Malnutrition *Aging *Intercourse *glucose or glycogen in urine *Change in vaginal pH or flora *Hormonal changes *Use of systemic antibiotics *Compromised immunity *Long term use of birth control pills
What kind of vaginitis has a milk like discharge with odor? Bacterial
What kind of vaginitis has a profuse, foamy discharge? T. vaginalis
What kind of vaginitis has a thick, cheese-like discharge? C. albicans
S/Sx of vaginitis *Yellow, white, or grayish white exudate *Perineal pruritis, burning and edema *Discomfort in lower abdominal region *Dysuria *Painful intercourse
In what test is a sample of vaginal discharge taken and a slide made for microscopic examination? Vaginitis test (Wet mount)
Which form of vaginitis can be sexually transmitted? Bacterial simple vaginitis
Which form of vaginitis does Low estrogen causes vulva and vagina to atrophy and become susceptible to infection? Atrophic (senile) vaginitis
What is cervicitis? Inflammation or infection of the cervix
True or False: Due to the location of the cervix, cervicitis is rare. False. It is one of the most common infections of the female reproductive system
What causes cervicitis? *Vaginal infections or STDs (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes II, Trichomoniasis) *Lacerations r/t childbirth or abortions
S/Sx of cervicitis *Leukorrhea (Whitish Discharge) *Menstrual irregularities *Dyspareunia *Backaches
What is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)? : Any acute, subacute, recurrent, or chronic infection of the cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes, or uterus that has extended to the connective tissues lying between the broad ligaments
Where does the causative infection for PID enter the pelvic organs through? *Vagina, peritoneum *Lymph glands *Blood stream
What can cause PID? *Insertion of biopsy curette or irrigation catheter *Abortion *Pelvic surgery *Sexual intercourse *Infection during pregnancy.
What is the Tx of vaginitis? *Vaginal suppositories, ointments, and creams *Douching frequently prescribed
What are the causative organisms of PID? *Gonococccus *Streptococcus *Staphylococcus *Chlamydia *Tubercle bacilli
S/Sx of PID *Malodorous purulent discharge *Backache *Pelvic, severe abdominal pain *Fever, chills, malaise *Nausea, vomiting
If the Tx of vaginitis is a cream or suppository, how is it to be taken? Taken at bedtime, remain in recumbent position for 30 minutes.
What is Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)? An acute bacterial infection
A woman who has had PID is more likely to have a/an _____ than a woman with normal health. Ectopic Pregnancy
What is used to Dx abscesses in PID? Ultrasound
What confirms the extent of PID? Laparoscopy
What organism causes toxic shock? Staphyloccoccus Aureus
True or False: Toxic shock syndrome is only seen in menstrating women and women using tampons. False. May be seen in men and in nonmenstruating women
S/Sx of TSS *Flu-like signs and symptoms first 24 hours *Between days 2-4 of menses: High fever (102 F), chills, Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, Myalgia, Hypotension, Septic shock, Hyperemia
How is TSS Dx? *Vaginal smear *Leukocytosis, thrombocytopenia *Elevated BUN, creatinine, bilirubin levels *ALT, AST, CPK are also elevated
In PT teaching for TSS, what should be avoided? Super-absorbent tampons
In PT teaching for TSS, how are tampons to be worn? Alternate tampons with pads, changing tampons often (q 4 hr).
In PT teaching for TSS, when should the PT seek medical attention? if sudden fever developes when menstruating.
Why is vaginitis common in women with diabetes? Because of the increase of glucose in the urine. The glucose can breed the monilial fungus due to the high carbohydrate content of glucose.
When are antifungal agents taken orally or parenterally? Deep-seated or systemic infections
Who are systemic antifungals used cautiously in? patients with depressed bone marrow reserve
What are the adverse effects of antifungal agents? *Rash *Urticaria *Pruritus
What infection of the female reproductive system leads to a red, macular palmar or defuse rash and later desquamation? TSS
With the application of topical antifungals, what do you not used unless specified by the physician? Occlusive dressings
How long can deep seated fungal infections take to treat? weeks to months
What are the topical antifungals used? List FAR too large to fit here. Just remember the 'statins and the 'nazoles
What strong antifungal causes renal damage? Amphotericin B
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