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Carboxylic acids and their derivatives

carboxylic acids contain the _______ group carboxyl
whats the name of the formula (HCOOH) & natural resource reference formic acid & ants
whats the name of the formula (CH3COOH) acetic acid & vinegar
whats the name or the formula (CH3(CH2)2COOH) butyric acid & butterfat
the solubility of RCOOH with 5-7 carbons are... slightly water soluble
the solubiliy of RCOOH with 8+ carbons are... water soluble
the solubility of RCOOH with 1-4 carbons are... water soluble
the relative high boiling points of carboxylic acids are due to intermolecular attractions resulting from... hydrogen bonding
carboxylic acids are ______ acids that slightly _________ in water weak & Ionize
carboxylic acids are released in the blood
dopa is a carboxylic acid that is a derivative of dopamine
dopamine is used in the treatment of parkinsons
stearic acid melts at 70
oleic acid melts at 16
aromatic acids have a ________ group bonded to a carbon in the aromatic ring COOH
dicarboxylic acids have_____ carboxylic groops 2
what percent of lemon juice is citric acid 5-8
how many grams of oxalate is required to cause death in a 145# person 25
how many pounds of rhubarb leaves kill a person 11
__________ is found in sour milk as well as in muscles tissues as result of exercise lactic acid
__________________ and its derivatives are found in analgesics like asprin salicyclic acid
what two acids are found in apples and grapes malic and tartaric
what acid has a carboxyl group and an amino group amino
amino acids are the building blocks of proteins
____________alcohols are oxidized to carboxylic acids primary
______________are oxidized to carboxylic acids aldehydes
The OH of the COOH group can act as a proton donor this is acid base reactions
the C=O of the COOH group serves as a site for.. substitution reactions
___________are prepared by reacting a carboxylic acid and an alcohol in the presence of strong acid catalyst ester
________________are volatile non polar liquids at room temp arelower molar mass esters
___________are non polar solids at room temp many are waxes High Molar mass esters
____________ is a polymer formed between an alcohol monomer and carboxylic acid monomer polyester
polyesters are classified as condensation polymers
a common polyester found in mylar films polyethylene terephthalate
if one or the monomers in a polymerization is trifunctional then a _______________________________ will form cross linked thermosetting polymer
esters of glycerol are known as triacylgycerols
the principal reaction of esters is hydrolysis
_______________________ and a carboxylic acid have similar structures phosphoric acid
________________________ is formed by the reaction of a phorsphoric acid and ethanol in the presence of strong acid catalyst phosphate ester
amides are non basic
Created by: Katiejean