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Romaji 101

Help with Romanji Definitions

Ohayoo (Gozaimasu) Good Morning (Polite)
Konniti Wa Good Afternoon
Konban Wa Good Evening
Oyasumi-Nasai Goodnight
Sayo(o)nara Goodbye
Arigatoo (Gozaimasu) Arigatoo (Gozamasita) Thank you Thank you (For what you did)
I(i)e No, Not at all
Doo Itasimasite Don't mention it
Su(m)imasen I'm Sorry, Thank you for your trouble
Su(m)imasen desita I'm sorry (for what I did), Thank you for the trouble you took
Situree-simasu Excuse me (On Leaving)
Situree-simasita Excuse me (for what I did)
Onegai-simasu Please (requesting something)
Doozo Please (offering something)
Moosiwake arimasen; Moosiwake gozaimasen Forgive me
Otukaresama (desita) (You must be tired!)
Hai;Ee;Haa (Affirmation)
Doo mo (In every way)
wakarimasu understood; become understood; understand
ka /question particle/
kyoo today
simasu do (play)
wakarimasita was understood
wakarimasen do not understand
wakarimasen desita did not understand
simasita did (played)
simasen do not (play)
simasen desita did not (play)
ne /confirmatory particle/
iya /negation/
tigaimasu be different; be wrong
asita; asu tomorrow
yo /informative or statement particle/
tukurimasu make, construct
tukurimasita made
tukurimasen don't make
tukurimasen desita didn't make
kinoo yesterday
dekimasu become completed, be possible, can do
dekimasita became completed, was possible, could do
dekimasen not completed, is not possible, can't do
dekimasen desita was not completed, was not possible, couldn't do
kimasu come
kimasita came
kimasen not come
kimasen desita did not come
tyotto a bit; /polite refusal/
nomimasu drink
nomimasen not drink
nomimasita drank
nomimasen desita did not drink
tabemasu eat
tabemasita ate
tabemasen not eat
tabemasen desita did not eat
itadakimasu i drink, i eat, i accept (gift)
ikimasu go
ikimasita went
ikimasen not go
ikimasen desita did not go
X-masu /X does or will occur/
X-masita /X occurred/
X-masen /X doesn't or wont occur/
X-masen desita /X didn't occur/
ii is good; is fine; is all right
takai is expensive; is high
takaku nai isn't expensive; isn't high
takakatta was expensive; was high
takaku nakatta wasn't expensive; wasn't high
yasui is cheap
yasuku nai isn't cheap
yasukatta was cheap
yasuku nakatta wasn't cheap
ookii is big
ookiku nai isn't big
ookikatta was big
ookiku nakatta wasn't big
tiisai is small
tiisaku nai isn't small
tiisakatta was small
tiisaku nakatta wasn't small
atarasii is new; fresh
atarasiku nai isn't new; fresh
atarasikatta was new; fresh
atarasiku nakatta wasn't new; fresh
hurui is old (not new)
huruku nai isn't old (new)
hurukatta was old (not new)
huruku nakatta wasn't old (was new)
tot(t)emo very; extremely; /used in positive/
omosiroi is interesting; is amusing; is fun
omosiroku nai isn't interesting; isn't amusing; isn't fun
omosirokatta was interesting; was amusing; was fun
omosiroku nakatta wasn't interesting; wasn't amusing; wasn't fun
maa-maa so-so
maa /expression of qualified agreement/
nee /sentence particle of confirmation, deliberation, or agreement/
kaimasu buy
kaimasita bought
kaimasen do not buy
kaimasen desita did not buy
yokatta was good; was fine; was all right
yoku nakatta wasn't good; wasn't fine; wasn't all right
yoku nai isn't good; isn't all right; isn't fine
komarimasu become upset; become a problem; become embarrassed
komarimasita became upset; became a problem; became embarrassed
tumaranai is boring; is trifling
tumaranaku nai isn't boring; isn't trifling
tumaranakatta was boring; was trifling
tumaranaku nakatta wasn't boring; wasn't trifling
komarimasen not become upset; not become a problem; not become embarrassed
komarimasen desita didn't become upset; didn't become a problem; didn't become embarrassed
yoku /extensive quantity, frequency, good quality/
X-i desu /is or will be X/
X-ku nai desu X-ku arimasen /isn't or wont be X/
X-katta desu /was X/
X-ku nakatta desu X-ku arimasen desita /wasn't X/
nan what?
tagami otagami letter(s)
-san -sensee Mr/Ms/Mrs Dr/Teacher
denwa odenwa telephone(s) [telephone call]
a/aa oh!
doo what way/how
dame no good
daizyoobu all right (ex: ar ou all right?); safe
soo that was; like that
nihongo Japanese language
kokugo Japanese mother-tongue of the Japanese
tyuugokugo Chinese language
eego English language
huransugo French language
doitugo German language
supeingo Spanish language
rosiago Russian language
nanigo what language?
zannen regrettable; too bad; a pity
Tookyoo Tokyo
Kyooto Kyoto
X desu /is or will be X (or described in terms of X)/
X desita /was X (or described in terms of X)/
X zya arimasen X zya nai desu /isn't or won't be X (or described in terms of X)/
X zya arimasen desita X zya nakatta desu /wasn't X (or described in terms of X)/
Soo desu /Response to question/
Soo desu yo /More emphatic response to a question, emphasizing that response is informative/
Soo desu nee /(1) Exclamatory indication of shared knowledge and agreement; (2) [Slowed articulation] Indication of deliberation, hesitation, and delay in answering question/
Soo desu ne! /Non-confrontational reply, indication actual or assumed agreement/
Soo desu ne? /Request for information (or denial) of assumption/
Soo desu ka! /Indication that speaker has just learned something new/
Soo desu ka? /Indication of surprise and (or) doubt or actual questioning/
dore which thing? (usually three or more)
sore that thing (near you or just mentioned)
kore this thing (near me)
zisyo dictionary
hon book
zassi magazine
sinbun newspaper
eewa (-ziten) English-Japanese (dictionary)
are that thing (over there)
waee (-ziten) Japanese-English (dictionary)
watasi watakusi boku atasi I, Me I, Me (formal) I, Me (men only) I, Me (very girly)
sensee Teacher; Doctor
gakusee student
tomodati otomodati friend
anata you
zya(a) well then; that being the case
dare who?
donata Who? /polite/
ikura oikura how much?
hontoo truth; true
-en yen
iti 1
ni 2
san 3
si yon 4
go 5
roku 6
siti nana 7
hati 8
kyuu 9
zyuu 10
hyaku 100
nihyaku 200
sanbyaku 300
yonhyaku 400
gohyaku 500
roppyaku 600
nanahyaku 700
happyaku 800
kyuuhyaku 900
nanbyaku how many hundreds?
sen/issen 1000
nisen 2000
sanzen 3000
yonsen 4000
gosen 5000
rokusen 6000
nanasen 7000
hassen 8000
kyuusen 9000
nan-en how many yen?
nanzen how many thousands?
iti-en ¥1
ni-en ¥2
san-en ¥3
yo-en ¥4
go-en ¥5
roku-en ¥6
nana-en ¥7
hati-en ¥8
kyuu-en ¥9
zyuu-en ¥10
teepu tape
ano X that [nominal] over there
kono X this [nominal] here
tukaimasu do/will use
tukaimasita used
tukaimasen wont/dont use
tukaimasen desita didn't use
sono X that [nominal] near you
konpyuutaa computer
pasokon personal computer
ototoi day before yesterday
keeki cake
pai pie
purin custard (pudding)
aisukuriimu ice cream
aisu ice cream
koohii coffee
otya tea
taipuraitaa typewriter
waapuro word processor
dono X Which [nominal]?
nan-ban what number?
-ban number
-doru dollars
-sento cents
nan-doru how many dollars?
nan-sento how many cents?
muzukasii is/will be difficult
muzukasikatta was difficult
muzukasiku (nai) isn't/wont be difficult
muzukasiku nakatta wasn't difficult
yasasii is/will be easy
yasasikatta was easy
yasasiku (nai) isn't/wont be easy
yasasiku nakatta wasn't easy
zenzen /+ negative/ (not) at all;
hee /exclamation of surprise/
to /and/
zenbu all; whole thing
itu when?
kaigi conference
asatte day after tomorrow
no /one(s)/
hotondo almost; nearly; all but
yappari after all; /i thought so/
-man ten thousand
nanman how many ten-thousands?
itiman 10,000
niman 20,000
sanman 30,000
yonman 40,000
goman 50,000
rokuman 60,000
nanaman 70,000
hatiman 80,000
kyuuman 90,000
zyuuman 100,000
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