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Prudy's Problem TR

Unit 2 Prudy's Problem

How long did it take Prudy's friends and family to gather Prudy's collection? Six weeks
What did Egbert think Prudy should do with her collection? Pack it in a rocket and shoot it off to Neptune.
Did Prudy stop collecting? No
What is fantasy fiction? A story with make believe events that could not happen.
What is Prudy's sister's name? Evie
Who was driven to distraction and is a very tidy person? Prudy's dad
Where did Dad want to take Prudy's collection? The dump.
What did Egbert collect? Butterflies.
What did Harold Collect? Tin foil made into a ball.
How many stuffed animals did Prudy have? 614
What did Prudy keep in her desk drawer? Pretty paper napkins from parties.
What pets did Prudy have? A dog and two white mice.
Where did Mom want to take Prudy's collection? The thrift shop.
What would Prudy like to do with the shiny gum wrapper? Add it to the shiny things collection.
What happened when Prudy tries to add the gum wrapper to her room? The walls bulge and the room explodes.
When did Prudy admit she had a problem? When her room exploded.
What was the name of the place Prudy finally put her collection? The Prudy Museum of Indescribable Wonderment
Created by: Mo.Albrights