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Science Notes Ch1


the circulatory system transports blood through tubes called _____, _____, and ____ arteries veins and capillaries
the smallest tubes in the respiratory system end in tiny sacs called _____ alveoli
Nutrients move from digestive system into the blood by traveling through villi
In the excretory system, ___ and ____ travel from the blood into the kidneys and diffuse into urea, water, and nephrons
Bones have a hard outer membrane and a soft center that contains ____ bone marrow
Bones are attached to each in places called joints
tough bands of tissue called ___ attach bones to muscles tendons
other bands of tissue called ____ atttach bones to each other ligaments
Specialized cells called ___ transmit and recieve nervous system signals neurons
Some nerves called ____detect conditions in the body's environment receptors
______ allows water to flow into the roots of the plants osmosis
Osmosis is one kind of ____ diffusion
Plants and animals grow when ______ cells reproduce
An animals skin is an example of ______ epithenial tissue
Oxygen enters the body through the _____ respiratory system
________travels through every cell of the body through the circulatory system oxygen
The digestive system breaks down food into _______ nutrients
The heart is a ______ muscle
The hip is a ________________ ball-and- socket joint
The _____________ carries signals to and from the brain nervous system
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