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Parts of a Plant

Seed The part of a plant that contains an embryo capable of germinating and producing a new plant.
Flower Produces cells that form seeds and allow a seed plant to reproduce.
Stem Carries water, minerals and food to different parts of the plant; supports the leaves so that they can be exposed to sunlight.
Leaf Produces the food the plant uses to build tissue and carry out life activities; absorbs sunshine and uses it to make food for the plant.
Roots Anchors a plant; absorbs, stores and transports substances to other parts of the plant.
pistil part of the flower that makes the eggs that grow into seeds,and collects the pollen
petal protects the parts of the flower and attracts insects
pollen tiny grains that makes seeds combinded with an egg
sepal leaves at the base of the plant that protect it when it is young
egg will grow into a seed when pollinated
ovary bottom part of the pistil in which seeds are formed. This part swells
stamen part of the flower that makes pollen
expulsion a way for seeds to travel,pushing out
dormant asleep
water what a seed needs to become a seedling
root hair one of the thread like cells on a root that take in the water and minerals from the soil
chlorophyll a green substance in plant cells that helps plants make food by trapping the sun's energy
photosyntheisis a process in plants that uses energy from sunlight to make food from water and carbon dioxide
three parts of plant leaves,stem and roots
life cycle seed grows,leaves and roots develop,flowers bloom,seeds form in flower,plant dies and seeds scatter.
how seeds travel water,wind,plants,animal fur,animal poop & expulsion
parts of a seed embryo,seed coat & food supply
different ways plants reproduce flowers(peach tree),spores(ferns)
Created by: Faith Ann