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Faith's Social Study

Chapter 1

Landform Any of the shapes that make up the Earth's surface.
Plain A large area of flat or nearly flat land.
Geography The study of earth.
Border A line that people agree on that divides one place from another.
Plateau A large area that rises steeply above the surrounding land.
Valley The lowland between hills or mountains often with a river on the bottom.
Ice Age A period of time when the Earth was much colder than it is today.
Glacier A huge sheet of ice that moves slowly across the land.
Moraine A line of low hills formed by the rocks pushed at the front of a glacier.
Till Soil and rocks dropped by a glacier.
Drumlin A smoothly rounded hill formed by a melting glacier.
Transportation The moving of goods or people from one place or another.
Source The place where a river begins.
Tributary Any river that flows into another larger river.
Mouth The place where a river empties into an ocean, a lake or a larger river.
Coast The land next to an ocean.
Bay A part of an ocean or lake that cuts deeply into the land.
Harbor A sheltered place along a coast where boats can dock.
Hudson River River in eastern New York that flows into the New York Bay.
Lake Erie The most southern of the five great lakes. Forms a part of the border between the U.S. and Canada.
Lake Ontario The smallest of the five great lakes. Forms part of the border between the U.S. and Canada.
New York Bay Bay in southern New York at the mouth of the Hudson River where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.
Weather The condition of the air at a certain time in a certain place including temperature, precipitation and wind.
Climate The pattern of weather of a certain place over many years.
Temperature A measurement of how hot or cold something is, often the air.
Precipitation The moisture that falls to the ground as rain, snow, sleet or hail.
Hurricane A storm with very strong winds and heavy rains.
Blizzard A snowstorm with very strong winds.
environment the surroundings in which people,plants or animals live.
natural resource something found in the environment that people can use.
fertilizer chemicals added to soil to help plants grow.
renewable resource a natural resource that can be replaced.
nonrenwable resource a natural resource that cannot be replaced
population the number of people who live in a place or area
economy the way a country or other place uses or produces natural resources, goods and services
quarry a place where a stone is cut out and removed from the ground
conservation the careful use of a natural resource
region an area with common features that set it apart from other areas
history the story of what happend in the past
port a place where ships load and unload their goods
gorge a narrowdeep,valley with steep,rocky sides.
Created by: Faith Ann