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McC 8 Geology

Force associated with a convergent boundary compression
Force associated with a divergent boundary tension
Force associated witha a transform boundary shearing
Motion of plates at convergent boundary together
Motion of plates at divergent boundary apart
Motion of plates at transform boundary slide past each other
Process that occurs at a convergent boundary subduction
Process that occurs at a divergent boundary sea floor spreading
Process that occurs at a transform boundary fault
Structure created at ocean-ocean convergent boundary island arcs & trenches
Structure created at ocean -continental convergent boundary volcanic mountain
structure created at continental-continental convergent boundary mountains
Structure created at ocean-ocean divergent boundary mid ocean ridge
Structure created at continental-continental divergent boundary rift valley
Structure created at a transform boundary strike slip or lateral fault
Geographic example of ocean-ocean convergent boundary Marianas Islands
Geographic example of ocean-continental convergent boundary Andes Mountains
Geographic example of continental-continental convergent boundary Himalayan Mountains
Geographic example of ocean to ocean divergent boundary Mid Atlantic Ridge
Geographic example of continental-continenetal divergent boundary East African Rift Valley
Geographic example of transform boundary San Andreas Fault
Which boundaries are destructive? convergent and transform
Which boundary is constructive? divergent
Which boundary type creates new crust? constructive
Which boundary type destroys old crust? destructive
Cause of plate movement convection currents
Whose idea was continental drift? Alfred Wegener
Name the supercontinent Pangaea
Describe the theory of continental drift all continents were connected in one large mass & drifted apart
evidence that supports continental drift similar rock structures on different continents, puzzle like fit of continents, fossils, climate clues
Describe seafloor spreading Magma comes up through mid ocean ridges and flows sideways carrying ocean floor with it
Who's idea was sea floor spreading? Harry Hess
Evidence that supports sea floor spreading changing magnetic polarity, youngest ocean crust at mid ocean ridge
Describe the lithosphere rigid layer of the crust & upper mantle
Describe the asthenosphere plastic like layer of Earth on which lithospheric plates float & move
Describe shape & erruption type of shield volcano broad shape with quiet, runny lava flows
Describe the shape & eruption type of a cinder cone volcano small volcano formed by moderate to explosive eruptions of tephra
tension stress that pulls apart
compression stress that pushes together
shearing stress that slides past each other
plant fossil that supports continental drift Glossopteris
freshwater reptile fossil that supports continental drift Mesosaurus
Continental drift occurs because of ... sea floor spreading
Tsunami giant ocean wave caused by earthquake motion on the ocean floor
subduction one plate is forced underneath another plate: convergent
Composite Volcano volcano that has alternating layers of tephra & lava; alternates between violent and quiet eruptions
Waves produced by Earthquakes Seismic Waves
Created by: MCJH