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Larry Bell's "12 Most Powerful Words"

Analyze Piece By piece, Take It Apart, Break Down, Figure It Out Study , Look At, Examine, Look At Closely, Study, Investigate, Consider, Question, Probe, Explore
Contrast How Are They Different, Opposite , Unalike, Check For Differences, Stand Out Against
Support Prove It, Explain Why, Back Up, Give Me Reasons, Help, Assist, Give Facts, Use Examples From,
Evaluate Judge, Break It Down, Grade, Rank, Test, Assess, Score, Rate, Review Performance, What Is Good or Bad, Judge The Quality,
Infer What Do You Really Mean, Hint, Read Between the Lines, Fill In The Blanks, Suggest, Conclude, Decide The Meaning Of, What Is Your Opinion? What Does This Make You Think?, Make Connections, Connect, Believe, Understand, Take For Granted.
Trace Copy, Outline, Follow The Path Of, Draw A Line Over , Draw , Go Over, Follow From The Beginning, Sketch, Map Out
Formulate Plan, Make It, Put it Together, Put To This, add Up, Create, Develop, Build, Come Up With, Invent Construct, Prepare, Originate
Describe Tell About It, Paint a Picture With Words, Paint me a Picture, What Does It Look Like, Tell What, Tell More, List Attributes, Illustrate, Show
Explain Tell Why, Give Reasons, Give Details, Tell Me About It, Show in Writing, What Is The Problem?
Summarize Important Information (Stuff), Brief Description, List Many Points, Wrap It up, Pull It All Together, Short Version, Important Details, Shorten, Put In Your Own Words, Retell In Order, Recall, Sum Up
Compare How Are They Alike, Same, Similar, Check For Likeness, What Do They Have In Common?, Match Up To, Judge Against
Predict Make A Guess, Tell What You Think, What Will Happen Next?, Outcome, Well Why This Will Happen, Forecast, Future, Foretell. Expect, See Coming
Created by: nmlking