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Nutrition Test 3!

A healthy pregnancy is defined by what? The birth weight of the newborn
What is age gravida and parity? Number of pregnancies and number of births
What are the 3 biologic entities that are involved during gestation? The woman, fetus, and placenta
How many extra kcal/day are needed during the second and third trimester? 340, 450
How much protien is needed a day and why? 71 g/day for rapid fetal growth, enlargement of uterus, mammary glands, and placenta, and circulating blood volume
How much linolenic acid and Alpha-linolenic acid is needed? 13 g/day, 1.4 g/day
How many carbs are needed per day? 175 g/day
Total daily dietary kcalorie intake should comprise of? 15% protein, 30% fat, 55% carbs
How much calcium per day is required? 1000 mg
How much iron per day is required? 27 mg
How much weight should normal weight women gain and underweight women gain? Normal-25-35 lb Underweight-28-40 lb
How much weight should overweight and obese women gain? Overweight-15-25 lb Obese-15 lb
What are the components of weight gain? 62% water, 31% fat, 7% protien
What should the rate of weight gain be? 2-5 lbs for 1st trimester, 1lb/week for remainder of pregnancy
What is hemorrhagic anemia Anemia caused by blood loss (mainly during labor)
What is induced hypertension? Disease that affects young women with first pregnancy. Diets poor in essential factors induce it
How many mothers try breast feeding? 71%, can be adequate for 2-15 months
What are the nutritional needs for lactation? Energy (increase by 330 kcal/day first 6 months, 400 after), Protein (71 g/day), Calcium (1000 mg/day), Vitamins, fluids, and supplements
What are hyperplasia and hypertrophy? Cell multiplication and cell enlargement
How much protein is needed for the first 6 months of life? 1.5 g of protein per kilogram per day
What hormone prevents milk from leaking? Oxytocin
What are the caloric requirements for 3 year olds? 1680 kcal/day for boys, 1650 kcal/day for girls (increases!)
How much protein should toddlers get and how should they receive it? 13 g/day, at least half of animal origin
How much protein should 3-6 year olds receive? 13-19 g/day
How much protein and calcium are required for adolescents? Girls-46 g/day, Boys-52 g/day. Calcium-1300 mg/day
What is cell lability? cell replication to maintain body structure and function (declines as we age)
What is the RDA for men and women age 19-30 years? Men-3000kcal/day. Women-2400 kcal/day
RDA for men and women 31 to 50? Men-2900 kcal/day. Women-2300 kcal/day
RDA for iron for women of child bearing age? 18 mg/day, 27 mg/day during pregnancy
What is sarcopenia? Decline in skeletal muscle mas and muscle strength (most increase body fat)
Created by: revolution