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chapt 26.1

section 1

persequī to chase, pursue (pursue, persecute)
celer-is-e quick, fast, swift (accelerator)
consequī to catch up with, overcome (consequences)
cōnficere (3i) (+ 2 inf.) to make cōnFēCisse, conFECTum
mīrābilis-e wonderful, admirable
fuga flight, escape
cōnsūmere to consume, use up
quoniam since because
reliquus-a-um remaining, left over
locāre to place, put
invenīre to find. come upon (invent)
audāx (stem:___) bold, daring audaC (audacity)
effugere (3i) to flee, escape
cōnsilium plan, advice
carcer (+P&G) prison, jail, cell carcerēs, M (incarcerate)
quisquam (and how it works) ANYone, ANYbody (works like Quis? Quid?)
iuvāre (+2 infins) to help iūvisse, iūtum
haud not-at-all, by-no-means
paene almost, nearly
nisi if…not, unless
cōnficere (2 inf) cōnfēcisse, cōnFECTum
iuvāre iūvisse, iūtum
cōnsīdere cōnsēdisse
gerund after in abl ndO
gerund after fessus able ndO
gerund after finis gen ndI
gerund after ad acc ndum
gerund after cupidus gen ndI
irregular Greek accusative after āer aērA
endings for celer celer M, celeris F, celere N
Created by: merlineacademy