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BTT vocab words

Absorbed held with full attention
consolidated joined together to make one group
lumber to move in an awkward way
spectacle an unusual public display (an embarrassing one usually)
leisurely unhurried; taking time to do something
dregs the worst part
consolation comfort in a time of grief or sadness
melodic having a pleasing sound
procession a group of people moving in an orderly manner
despise to greatly dislike
grit determination; dedication, working very hard for something
puny small and weak
anticipation excited expectation
gallery a room used for a special purpose
parapet a wall made of dirt or stone to protect soldiers
stricken trouble with sorrow
ominously showing that trouble is about to happen
stranded left alone without any way to get out
gradually happening slowly, step by step
crimson deep red
pandemonium confusion and chaos
flounce to exaggerate your movements
distribution the way things are divided among several people
grudgingly with a feeling sullem dislike that lasts a long time
piteously deserving to be felt sorry for
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