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Mrs. O'Connell

Summary breif account of the main points or events in ones own words
Paraphrase a restatement of the authors ideas in ones own words; usually about the same length as original
Topic Sentence introduces the main idea of the paragraph; or details
Concluding Sentence last sentence in paragraph; names the main idea
Transitions words or phrases that help tie ideas together
Quotation a statement or phrase written word for word from a source
Parenthetical Reference/citation page number put in parenthesis
Works Cited list of sources used in paper; found on last page
Topic subject of paper
Issue point or question to be decided
Thesis Statement statement of purpose, intent, or main idea of essay
Antithesis directly opposes the thesis statement
Assertions claims or arguments
Refute to prove an argument or statment to be false or weak by arguement or evidence; to disprove
Ellipsis three spaced periods; used to indicate some words are left out of quote
Brackets used to signify any material added to a quotation to help clarify its meaning
Signal Phrase used to introduce a quotation or paraphrase
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