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Ch8 Weather Patterns

Weather Patterns

What 2 gasses is the atmosphere made of? Nitrogen and oxygen
As you go up through the atmosphere what happens to the air pressure? Why? The air pressure decreases because gas particles get farther apart
In what layer of the atmosphere will you find weather conditions? Troposphere
Why does the air above land and water have different temperatures? land and water heat and cool at a different rate
Define: Convection current gases or liquids rise and slide in a circular path
Winds generally blow in which direction across the United States? West to East
How do convection currents relate to the water cycle? Convection currents and water cycle relate because they both have condensation and precipitation.
Define: Air Mass large body of air with similar properties through it
Define: Front a boundary
What kind of air causes precipitation at fronts? cold air
Explain what happens during a cold front Cold air forces warm air to rise quickly. The rising air forms clouds. Clouds make precipitation
Explain what happens during a warm front warm air out of the area moves against cooler air. The warm air gradually rises above the cooler air. The clouds move slowly and cause longer periods of precipitation.
Explain what happens at a stationary front A front that does not move very much and it moves back and forth over the same area
Name 4 types of severe weather thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards
How does a thunderstorm form? 1. All currents rise up 2. Currents are moving both up and down 3. All currents move down precipitation
How does a hurricane form? When air rolls between 2 layers of wind moving in different directions
How does a tornado form? Air rolls between two layers of winds The rolling air is turned so it stands upright and becomes a tornado
What should you do to be prepared for severe weather? What items would be important to have? Board up your windows, store food and water, have flashlights and battery powered radios available, stay inside
Define: Barometer air pressure
Define: Anemometer wind speed
Define: Rain gauge rain fall
In what direction across the United States do weather fronts usually move? West to East
High Air Pressure (symbol for) H
Low Air Pressure (symbol for) L
Cold Front (symbol for) spikes down
Stationary Front (symbol for) spikes up and humps down
Sunny (symbol for) Sun
Cloudy (symbol for) Cloud
Thunderstorms (symbol for) Cloud with lightening
Define: Climate average of weather conditions over a long period of time
Compare and contrast weather and climate Weather is day to day. Climate is weather for a long time. Weather and climate are similar because it is both weather conditions, different because of the length of time. Climates do not change as much as daily temperature does.
What are 2 things that can affect climate? Oceans and land forms
How are climates determined? Climates are determined by many years of weather
Name 3 events that can change an areas climate The sun's energy, volcanic eruptions, and asteroid or meteorite impacts
Created by: blazegreen