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Rocks and minerals

Study guide for test

What tools are used to perform field tests water clay nail penlight
Water is used to see a mineral's true color or sense its smell
clay is used for the streak test for color
Nails is used for the scratch test for hardness
penlight is used decide if a mineral is transparent, translucent or opaque
Fossil remains or traces of an organism that lived long ago
cleavage a plane along which a mineral most easily splits
gem a precious stone that has been cut or polished
luster the way in which a mineral reflects light
light can be tested by seeingif light will pass through a mineral
What does a geologist do? collect and study rocks and minerals
Sulfer is a mineral that smells like rotten eggs found in cabbage and onion yellow used in making gunpowder
Transparent transmits all fo the light that is shined
tanslucent transmits varying degrees of light
opaque transmits no light
see through or clear glass is an example of transparent
waxed paper is an example of translucent
a piece of wood is an example of opaque
igneous rock is formed by when melted rock cools
sedimentary rock is formed by layers that are compacted and cemented together
metamorphic rock is formed by changes as a result of underground heat, pressure and water
magnetite is used for a compasss it is a lodestone
granite, marble and limestone are used for making buildings
sulfur and feldspar are used for medicine
gypsum is used for walls in homes
lead found in galena is used for storing radioactive material
Rocks are made of one or more minerals
Created by: pavletich