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science: unit 3

plant organs,life cycle,metamorphisis, classificaton

carries water up through the plant xylem
carries sugars and nutrients up the plant pholem
are used for gas exchange and are foung on the underside of leaves stomata
suck water into the roots root hairs
many plant parts act like? organs
absortain of water and nutrientsand anchors plant to the ground roots functions
`88% of insects go through complete metamorphosis
12%of insects go through incomplete metamorphosis
xylem,pholem,stomata,roots, and root hairs act like a animals circulatory system
the four stages of complete metamorphosis are egg,larva,pupa,and adult
the three stages of incomplete metamorphosis are egg,nymph, and adult
examples of insects that go through incomplete metamorphosis are crcket, lice, and termite
examples of insects that go through complete metamorphosis are bee, fly,beetle
reproducing stage of a human is a parent
adult of the frog life cycle is a frog
insects that go through incomplete metamorphosis do this to grow larger molt
to identify a unknown organism start with the highest domain known as the kingdom
the first word of a scientific name is the genus
the second word of a scientific name is the species
insects that molt have a exoskeliton
Created by: jspring