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greek 9.

greek 6.

dender;denr tree
phyll;phyllo leaf
phyto plant
sperm;spermat;spor seed;sowing
zo animal
hipp horse
drom a running;course
ornith bird
ichthy fish
entom insect
etym true meaning;root;meaning of a word
ep word
phag eat
oidism resemblance
oid that which resembles
oid;oidal like;resembling
dendrology the study of trees
phyllophagous leaf eating
phytogeography a science that deals with the geographical distribution of plants
polyanthus having many flowers (i.e. narcissus - small white or yellow flowers)
sporadic occurring singly or widely apart in locality
paleozoic pertaining to the oldest geological era; rocks having abundant fossils
hippodrome a course for horse and chariot races; an arena for equestrian events
ornithology branch of zoology that deals with birds
ichthyophagous fish eating
entomology branch of zoology that deals with insects
etymology history of a particular word
orthoepy study of correct pronunciation
cocoepy mispronunciation
anthology a flower gathering; any collection of literary pieces of varied authorship (your literature book is an anthology)
epizootic diseases prevalent temporariy among animals (mad cow disease)