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pre-chapt 26


aquila eagle
cēra wax
nīdus nest
pullus chick,young
umerus shoulder
ventus wind
nūbēs cloud
vallis valley
plūs more
eam her (D.O.)
quā BY which
Quisnam? who on earth
sibi to himself
my (voc.)
angustus narrow
caeruleus blue
fessus tired
medius middle
parātus ready, prepared
quisque each of 3+
rēctus correct, right
situs situated
ūllus any
auscultāre eavesdrop
dēlectāre delight
errāre wander
imperāre + dat. order
invocāre call on
mīrāri be surprised
dēbēre + inf. ought
iūcēre shine
merēre earn
monēre warn
oportet it is necessary
pārēre + dat. obey
solēre be accustomed to
sustinēre support, hold up, see
animadvertere notice
cadere fall
cōnsīdere sit down
mergere drown, sink
recumbere lie back down
afferre bring, carry to
erō I will be
iēns, euntēs going
antequam before
etiam even
forte by chance
hinc from here
intrā + acc. inside (interior)
ita to, in this way
item likewise,also
-iter -ly
iterum again (reiterate)
iūxtā + acc. next to
maximē especially, the most
melius better
modo only
numquam never
quam + adj. how ____!
Quin? why not
statim immediately
tamen anyhow,nevertheless
tandem finally
valdē greatly, a lot
vērō but, truly
Created by: merlineacademy