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Southmoore-Green Book Unit 1H

avis avis bird F.
flumen fluminis river N.
genus generis birth, kind N.
iter itineris journey, road N.
miles militis soldier M.
signum signi sign, standard, signal N.
idem, eadem, idem X the same
inimicus, a, um X enemy
ipse, ipsa, ipsum X himself, herself, itself
is, ea, id X he, she, it
utilis, utile X useful
accido, accidere accidi, X to happen, befall
capio, capere cepi, captus to take, seize
consulo, consulere consului, consultus to consult
efficio, efficere effeci, effectus to bring out, cause, effect
moneo, monere monui, monitus to warn, advise, remind
terreo, terrere terrui, territus to frighten
valeo, valere valui, valiturus to be strong
vinco, vincere vici, victus to conquer
inferior, inferius X lower
maior, maius X greater
melior, melius X better
minor, minus X smaller
peior, peius X worse
proprius, a, um X one's own
ulterior, ulterius X farther
demonstro,demonstrare demonstravi, demonstratus to point out, demonstrate
desero, deserere deserui, desertus to leave, desert
despicio, despicere despexi, despectus to despise, look down on
divido, dividere divisi, divisus to divide
exerceo, exercere exercui, exercutus to train, exercise
exploro, explorare exploravi, exploratus to investigate, explore
impero, imperare imperavi, imperatus to command
intellego, intellegere intellexi, intellectus to understand
animal animalis animal N.
Created by: southmoore