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Lingua - Cap XI

Vocabulary Words from Familia Romana Chapter 11

corpus, -oris body
membrum, -i limb
bracchium, -i arm
crus, -uris leg
manus, -us hand
caput, -itis head, chief, capital
auris, -is ear
os, oris mouth
capillus, -i hair
frons, -ontis forehead
gena, -ae cheek
cerebrum, -i brain
labrum, -i lip
lingua, -ai tongue, language
pectus, -oris breast
cor, cordis heart
sanguis, -inis blood
vena, -ae vein
color, -oris color
iecur, -oris liver
venter, -tris belly, stomach
viscera, -um internal organs
medicus, -i physician, doctor
poculum, -i cup, glass
culter, -tri knife
humanus, -a, -um human
stultus, -a, -um stupid, foolish
ruber, -bra, -brum red
sanus, -a, -um healthy, well
aeger, -gra, -grum sick, ill
noster, -tra, -trum our, ours
bene well
male (adv) badly, ill
fluere, -uxisse flow
sanare heal, cure
sedere, sedisse sit
stare, stetisse stand
tangere, tetigisse, tactum touch
arcessere, -ivisse, -itum send for, fetch
iubere, iussisse, iussum order, tell
revenire come back
aegrotare be ill
dīcere, -xisse, dictum say, call, speak
spectāre watch, look at
dolēre hurt, feel pain, grieve
appōnere place (on), serve
sentīre, sēnsisse, sēnsum feel, sense, think
horrēre bristle, stand on end, shudder (at)
palpitāre beat, throb
putāre think, suppose
gaudēre gavisum esse be glad, be pleased
dētergēre wipe off
posse potuisse be able
modo only, just
super (prep + acc) on (top of), above
super (prep + abl) on, about
īnfrā (prep + acc) below
dē (prep + abl) (down) from, of about
atque/ac and, as, than
nec neque (and/but not, nor, not)
Created by: suzie865