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drugtest 5

Januvia (g) Sitagliptan
Januvia (dc) antidiabetic
Januvia (i) type 2 diabetes
Januvia (s/f) tablets 25,50,100mg
special note for Januvia should not be used with type 1 diabetes
Nasonex (g) mometasone
Nasonex (dc) nasal corticosteroid
Nasonex (i) allergic rhinitis and prevention of nasal polyps
Nasonex (sf) metered dose nasal pump spray 17 g (50mcg/pump)
Ambien CR (g) zolpidem
Ambien CR (dc) sedative/hypnotic
Ambien CR (i) insomnia
Ambien CR (sf) cr tabs 6.25, 12.5mg
What is the special note for Ambien CR CIV
Provigil (g) modafinil
Provigil (dc) cns stimulant
Provigil (i) narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and sleep disorder
Provigil (sf) tabs 100m,200mg
What is the special note for Provigil CIV
Geodon (g) ziprasidone
Geodon (dc) antipsychotic
Geodon (i) schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and mania
Geodon (sf) caps 20mg,40mg,60mg,80mg vial: 20mg/ml
Truvada (g) Emtricitabine/tenofovir
Truvada (dc) antiretroviral combo
truvada (i) HIV
Truvada(sf) tabs 200mg/300mg
Lunesta (g) eszopiclone
Lunesta (dc) sedative / hypnotic
Lunesta (i) insomnia
Lunesta (sf) tabs 1,2,3mg
what is the special note for Lunesta CIV
Enbrel (g) etanercept
Enbrel (dc) biological response modifier
Enbrel (I) rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and plaque psoriasis
Enbrel (sf) inj 25,50mg
Special note for Enbrel lowers immune system, increased risk of infections
Actonel (g) risedronate
Actonel (dc) bisphosphonate
Actonel (I) prevention and tx of osteoporosis and paget's disease
Actonel (ssf) tabs 5,30,35,75,150mg
what is Actonel's special note take at rising and drink full glass of water, stay up right for 30 minutes and eat before lying down
cellcept (g) mycophenolate
cellcept (dc) immunosuppresant
cellcept (i) prophylaxis of organ rejection (liver kidney or heart transplant)
cellcept(sf) capsules :250mg 500mg tablets powder for oral suspension 200mg/ml inj vials 500mg/20ml
sn for cellcept for infusion only, never for bolus