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Lingua - Cap X

Vocabulary Words from Familia Romana Chapter 10

asinus, -i m ass, donkey
leo, -onis, m lion
bestia, -ae f beast, animal
homo, -inis m human being, person
fera, -ae f wild animal
avis, -is f bird
piscis, -is m fish
aquila, -ae f eagle
aer, -eris m air
ala, -ae f wing
pes, pedis m foot
cauda, -ae f tail
petasus, -i m hat
deus, -i m pl dei/dii/di god
mercator, -oris, m merchant
nuntius, -i m messenger, message
mare, -is n sea
flumen, -inis n river
anima, -ae f breath, life, soul
pulmo, -onis m lung
animal, alis n animal, living being
nidus, -i m nest
ramus, -i m branch, bough
folium, -i n leaf
ovum, -i n egg
pullus, -i m young (of an animal)
pila, -ae f ball
vox, vocis f voice
lectus, -i m bed, couch
ferus, -a, -um wild
vivus, -a, -um living, alive
mortuus, -a, -um (<mori) dead
crassus, -a, -um thick, fat
tenuis, -e thin
perterritus, -a, -um terrified
capere, -io cepisse captum take, catch, capture
volare fly
natare swim
movere movisse motum move, stir
facere -io, fecisse factum make, do, cause
vivere vixisse live, be alive
spirare breathe
parere -io peperisse give birth to, lay
ludere, -sisse, -sum play
canere cecinisse sing (of), crow, play
audere ausum esse dare, venture
occultare hide
ascendere -disse climb, go up, mount
sustinere support, sustain, endure
cadere cecidisse fall
potest possunt is able to
vult volunt
necesse est it is necessary
nemo no man
cum (prp + abl) with
quod because, that
quod n (v. qui) what, which, that which
enim for
ergo therefore, so
infinitivus infinitive - to verb
Created by: suzie865