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fem women
agri farmer
naut sailor
anci helper
dea goddess
re/regi queen
fil daughter/son
colon farmers
ami friend
dom lord/master
pue child girl
puer child boy
ser servant
vir man
ego/eu I
tu you (singular)
vo you (plural)
nos/no we
uxor, uxoris wife
viral poison
pater father
mu woman
sen old man
sor sister
mater mother
frat brother
hom/om/um man
ille/illa he/she
reg king
host/ost enemy
pleb commoner
civi citizen
fur thief
cust guard
duc leader
princi emperor
past shepard
milit soldier
poet poet
soci companion/acquaintance
magi teacher
pop people
imper/emper general
gen race,clan,family
adul/adol youth
nepo grandson/decendant
here/ere heir (in*heir*it)
inter between/among
interim meanwhile/meantime
coti/quoti everyday
ubique everywhere
infra below/under
contr against
intra inside/within
ultra beyond
penuri extreme poverty
copia plentiful supply
epist letter
bal whale
por/puer pig
vaca cow
ec horse
avi bird
leo lion
cani dog
feli cat
aqu/ac eagle
api bee
accipiter hawk
pull/poll/poul chicken
lup wolf
formi ant
urs/ours/ors bear
can crab
ara/rag spider
mus/mos fly
rana frog
bu/hi owl
taur/tor bull
ari ram
pis/pes fish
coc snail
vlup fox
bov ox/cow
mur/mus mouse
ovi sheep
serp snake
castor beaver beaver
acrimon bitterness
auxili help
pars/parc extreme selfishness
vita life
falla false/lie
benef kindness
tacit silent
loq/loc talkative
bobonic plague "swelling"... "flee"
pectus chest
ped/pie/pes foot
voc/voz/vox voice
capit head
cor heart
corp live body
cada dead body
oss bone
or mouth
coll/cuell neck
bra arm
ma hand
aur ear
nas nose
ocu eye
den teeth
digi fingers/toes
genu/geno knee
capil hair
Created by: kns1998