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Science Unit C cha4

a wall of rocks built out into the ocean jetty
up and down movement of surface water wave
repeated rise and fall of the level in the ocean tide
stream of water that flows like a river through the ocean current
self-contained underwater breathing apparatus scuba
area where ocean and land meet shore
small underwater vehicle submersible
rocky point along a shore headland
pool of sea water found along a rocky shoreline tide pool
removal of salt from sea water desalination
sound waves that can be used to map the ocean floor sonar
weight of water pressing on an object water pressure
percent of salt in ocean water salinity
Why do waves form? wind blows over the surface of the water
What does Earth's rotation cause currents to do? to bend to the right in the Northern Hemisphere and the left in the Southern Hemisphere
What causes deep-ocean currents? differences in water temperature
What causes tides? the pull of gravity of the sun and moon on the earth's waters
Which submersible discovered the presence of vents along the mid-Atlantic ridge? Alvin
Which submersible studied the sunken remains of the Titanic Nautile
What does a rip current do? flows away from the beach
When all soft rock is washed away by waves, the rocky point that remains is called a headland
What is used to map the ocean floor? sonar
Why does a tsunami gain strength as it reaches the shore? friction with the ocean bottom slows the wave as it approaches the shore, causing it to grow
Where does salinity of ocean water come from? minerals weathered from earth's crust
How does water in a wave move? in a circle
As you go deeper in the ocean what happens to water pressure? it becomes greater
desalination is removal of salt from ocean water
Name resources that can be found in the ocean salt, fish, shellfish, sea plants, copper, iron, nickel, cobalt
Be familiar with The Cape Hatteras light house and the erosion issues it's gone through. What solution could fix the erosion problem? The jetties have not helped. The lighthouse might have to be moved.
When are tides higher during a full moon or half moon? neither, explain your answer.
Created by: mandygarola