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Social Sutdies

Unit 1 - Chapter 3

What is a region? An area with at least one feature that makes it different from other areas.
Define "interdependence" People and places depending on one another for resources, products, and services.
Animals in a desert region depending on rivers that flow out of a mountain region is an example of what? Interdependence
People in urban regions depending on farming regions for food is an example of what? Interdependence
Urban, coastal, Spanish-speaking, desert, mining, political, a neighborhood . . . all examples of what? Regions
Define a political region . . . A place where people share a government. Every state, city, and town is a political region.
Is the United States a political region? YES
What are the benefits of creating a political region? It helps people live and govern in an organized way. All the people who live in a city follow the same local laws and have the same city leaders.
What are physical regions based on? Natural features such as landforms, rivers, climates, natural vegetation, or wildlife that live in the area.
What is natural vegetation? The plant life that grows in an area.
Do physical regions have exact borders? NO
What are economic regions based on? The way people in an area use resources to meet their needs.
List some examples of economic regions . . . Oil-producing, farming, factories, service industries
What is a cultural region based on? People sharing certain ways of life.
List some ways a cultural region is defined . . . Religion, language, or ethnic group.
What is an ethnic group? A group made up of people from the same country or people with a shared way of life.
What are the 4 maid types of regions? Political, Physical, Economic, and Cultural.
Do regions stay the same over time or do they change? Change!
Definition of "modify" Change
Changes to a region can be from what? Natural events, people modifying the environment.
Ways people have changed regions . . . some examples . . . The US originally had 13 states. Now it has 50! People blocked rivers to get more water and power. People cleared trees for farms and towns.
Define "technology" The way people use knowledge and tools to make or do something.
Define "communication" The way people send and receive information.
How can people connect regions? By building streets, highways, railroads, and airports.
What do people use to communicate? Telephones, cellular phones, fax machines, computers, TV, radio.
How does transportation connect regions? Transportation allows people to travel and trade ideas and goods between different places.
Name the 5 regions of the United States: The Northeast, the Southeast, the Midwest, the Southwest, and the West.
What is our nation's capital? Washington D.C.
What is Washington D.C. called? Is it part of any state? Washington D.C. is a "federal district". It is not part of any state.
What is the definition of a county? A county is a political region of a state.
What names do some states use for a "county"? (not county, but . . . ?) Parish, borough.
The town or city that is the center of a county's government is called a: County Seat
Does a county government make their own laws? YES
True or false: a county government does NOT have its own court or police to enforce their laws. FALSE . . . they do!
True or false: each city in the United States sets up its own municipal government. TRUE!
Definition of "municipal" Municipal is another word for CITY.
Name two kinds of political regions within a state: Counties and Cities.
What are the 3 levels of government in the US? Federal, state and local.
True or false: Each level of government in the US collects taxes to pay for services it provides. TRUE
True or False: The Federal government is not responsible for running the postal service. False - they do!
Definition of a treaty: A treaty is an agreement between groups or countries.
Examples of treaties: Treaty to avoid or stop a war; treaty about trading goods, services or information;
Name some examples of services provided by state governments: State roads, state parks, public schools, state colleges and universities, pay for food/shelter/healthcare for people in their state.
Name some examples of services provided by local governments: Build or repair local streets, provide police and fire protection, oversee libraries, oversee public schools, in charge of local elections.
Dividing counties and cities into smaller regions is called what? Special districts
Examples of special districts: voting districts, school districts, police districts
What is North America's largest political region? Canada
What are Canada's political regions called? Provinces and territories.
Definition of a province: A province is a political region similar to a state in the US.
Definition of a territory: A territory is an area owned and governed by a country.
Name some of Canada's geography: mountains with forests, farmland, lowlands
Where do most people in Canada live? Most live live within 100 miles of the United States border.
What is Mexico's official name? Estados Unidos Mexicano (or the United States of Mexico)
Name some of Mexico's geography: mountain ranges, Mexican Plateau, farmland, desert, grassy plains, forests.
Name some important industries in Mexico: manufacturing, farming, ranching, mining, oil production.
How are Mexico's political regions like those in the United States? Mexico is made up of states. Mexico also has one federal district that is not part of any state.
Is Central America part of North America? YES
Is the Caribbean islands part of North America? YES
How many countries is Central America divided into? 7
What country is Puerto Rico a commonwealth of? The United States
Define a "commonwealth" A territory of a country, but governs itself.
Are people who are citizens of Puerto Rico also citizens of the United States? YES
Name the two territories of the United States: Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.
Define "tropics" Tropics are areas around the equator that have warm climate all year.
What type of land covers the areas around the tropics. Rain forests
Define "rain forest" A wet area, usually warm, in which tall trees, vines and other plants grow close together.
What is the world's biggest island? Greenland
What is a flat, treeless plain that stays mostly frozen called? A Tundra
Greenland is a territory of what county? Denmark
What are native people of Greenland called? Inuits.
Why does Greenland have such a cold climate? Because it lies so far north from the equator.
Computers and other kinds of ______ help connect regions. Technology
A __________ is an area with at least one feature that sets it apart from another. region
In many cities, the mayor is the head of the ________ government. municipal
Puerto Rico is a ________ of the United States. commonwealth
People in an _______ have the same heritage or have a shared way of life. ethnic group
The _______ of regions means that they rely on one another for resources, products, and services. interdependence
Regions change when people _____ them. modify
Which kind of region has exact boundaries? Cultural, economic, physical or political. Political
Which kind of government in the United States can make treaties with other countries? County government, municipal government, federal government, or state government? Federal
How do Mexicans divide their nation? Into states, into territories, into provinces or into commonwealths? States
How is Washington D.C. different from other cities in the United States? Washington D.C. is a federal district and is not part of any state.
What is the maid purpose of taxes? To pay for government services.
What kind of landform covers most of the MIDDLE of the United States? Plains (the Interior Plains region)
A manufacturing area is an example of what kind of region? Economic
Most people in this region speak German as a second language: cultural region, political region, physical region, economic region. Cultural
Most people in this region are farmers: cultural region, political region, physical region, economic region. Economic
Thick forests cover this region: cultural region, political region, physical region, economic region. Physical
This region has mountains and valleys: cultural region, political region, physical region, economic region. Physical
This region is in southeastern Missouri: cultural region, political region, physical region, economic region. Political
Most people in this region are Native Americans: cultural region, political region, physical region, economic region. Cultural
The main industry in this region is oil drilling: cultural region, political region, physical region, economic region. Economic
The climate of this region is hot and dry: cultural region, political region, physical region, economic region. Physical
The United States is part of this region: cultural region, political region, physical region, economic region. Political
Many people in this region celebrate the Chinese New year: cultural region, political region, physical region, economic region. Cultural
How does a map show different features? With a map key
Canada is divided into political regions called: provinces and territories
Mexico is divided into ________, like the United States. States
Mexico's official language is: Spanish
Central America is divided into seven _________ countries
Central America is a narrow strip of land between two _________ oceans
The Caribbean Region is made up of hundreds of __________ islands
People ________ regions when they clear land for farming. modify
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