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Latin 1-38

Latin. Mrs Shenkel's class

1.Photos light
2.tele distant,far away
3.graph to write or draw
4.metron measure
5.tropos turning
6.philia love,friendship
7.phobos fear
8.syn with,together
9.thesis put,place,position
10.kenesis movement
11.phone sound
12.sonus sound
13.skopeo look at,inspect,consider,examine
14.video visum see
15.logos word,study
16.verbum word
17.nomen nominus name
18.pro for,before,forward,in place of
19.prae before,in front of
20.ad to,toward,near,next to
21.jacio jactum throw
22.pono positum put,place,position
23.cum with together
24.figo fixum fix
25.jungo junctum join,unite,connect
26.digitus finger,toe,inch
27.caput,caputis head
28.manus hand
29.pes pedis foot
30.brachium arm
31.corpus corporis body
32.dens dentist tooth
caput off with his head
capital top of a column
capitalism system where "head money" makes money
captain head of a group of soldiers
capitulate put headings on chapters or divisions in a piece of writing
recapitulate to list again the "headings" in a piece of writing
cabbage vegetable head
manufacture made by hand
manifest to hit by hand
manicotti sleeve like pasta
manuscript writing;written by hand
manumit to send forth or release from one's hand
pedestal foot of a column
pedestrian walker on foot
pedal foot lever
peddle,paddler house-house sales man
pedicab bicycle taxi
pedicure care for the feet
pedigree genealogy charts
pedometer measures distance walked
pawn the foot soldiers
brace two of a kind
embrace to take into one's arms
bracelet ornament for the arm or wrist
brachiate to swing by the arms on bars or tree branches
brachiopod two-shelled creature with two "arms" inside
braceno Spanish word for day laborer
conporeal pertaining to the body
corps military division organized as a body
incorporate to make into a body
corporation legally formed group-a body
corpse a dead body
corpulence a lot of body-fatness
corpus main body of a fund of wealth-estate
corpuscle small part of the body
dent tooth like notch in gears,locks,etc; a small depression
dentist tooth doctor
dentate having a toothed edge
dentifrice toothpaste
dentition develop
denture set of teeth
dentiform shaped like a tooth
indent set line of print in from the margin
dandelion plant called "tooth of the lion with dentate leaves
33.unus one
34.duo two
35.tres three
36.quatuor four
37.quique five
38.sex six
unit one part of a series or of a whole
union act of making one out of many
E Plurbis Unum motto of U.S.A "one out of many" states
united together as one
universe star galaxy which turns as one enity
university many colleges joined together as function as one body
unicorn mythical horse with one horn on its head
unison voices singing or musical instruments playing together the same notes at the sane time
duet music played or sung by two people
duplicate make a second copy
dual two
dubous "of two minds"-doubtful
duel fight between two people
duplex two homes in one building
duplicity two "facedness"; a double cross
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