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SW Asia/ME Unit Test

Unit Test Cards

Unitary Government Central government has the most power
Federal Government Power is shared between the central and regional governments
Confederation Regional governments have more power than the central government
Legislative branch Makes laws
Parliamentary democracy Citizens vote for legislators (Parliament) and legislators select the Prime Minister
Presidential democracy President is elected directly by the people in a separate vote from the legislators
Theocracy Religious rule. Religious leaders are also the government leaders.
Oligarchy Rule by a small group. Citizens have few rights.
Autocracy One person rules. Citizens have no rights
Democracy Rule by the people. Citizens have many rights.
Type of government in Israel Parliamentary democracy
Type of government in Saudi Arabi Monarchy (absolute). There is a king.
Type of government in Iran Theocratic oligarchy
Anti-Semitism Hatred or discrimination against Jews
Zionism Belief that the Jews should have their own country.
Holocaust Killing of people (including Jews) that did not fit into Hitler's idea of a perfect race
Genocide Mass killing a a certain group of people based on their race, religion or ethnicity
The Holocaust was an example of a genocide
Entrepreneur Someone who takes a risk to start a business
Specialization Producing the items that a country can make the best and most easily so they can trade them for the products that do not have
Human capital The training and education of citizens so they can be better workers. This will improve the economy of a country.
Capital goods The factories, machines and technology that are used to make other products. Countries that invest in capital goods have a stronger economy.
Israel has few natural resources and no oil. What has the country invested in? Technology
What type of economy do most countries in the world have? Mixed economy - between market and command
What resource does Saudi Arabia depend on for its economy? Oil
Define quota. Limiting the amount of foreign goods that can come into a country.
Define embargo. To stop trading with another country.
Define tariff. To tax items that come into one country from another country.
In which country do people have the most rights - Saudi Arabia, Israel or Iran? Israel
What does OPEC do? Regulates the supply and price of oil.
How has oil affected the countries in the Middle East? Raised the standard of living - better healthcare, better schools, improved housing
Define desalination. Removing salt from water.
Define drip irrigation. Computerized system that determines exactly how much water a plant needs.
Why don't more countries have both desalinization plants and drip irrigation systems? They are both very expensive.
Define ethnic group. People with a common backgroud, history, traditions, language
Define religious group. People who believe in the same god or gods.
Name the 3 main ethnic groups in this area. Arabs, Persians, Kurds
The largest ethnic group? Arabs
Name the 3 main religions in the area. Islam, Judaism, Christianity
Name the man that is important to the people in all three religions. Abraham
Name the city that is important to the people in all three religions. Jerusalem
Name the Five Pillars of Faith. Declaration of faith, give to the needy, pray five times a day, fast, go to Mecca.
Difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Who should lead Islam. Sunnis-most capable person. Shias-blood relative of Muhammad.
Language of most Arabs. Arabic
Language of most Jews. Hebrew
Only country in this area that is mainly Jewish. Israel
Why did many people believe that Israel should become a country? Anti-Semitism, Zionism, the Holocaust, the land was promised to them by God
When the Ottoman Empire collapsed, new countries were created. What problems did this cause? Many people were put together that did not get along - Sunni and Shias, Jews and Arabs
What was the cause of the Persian Gulf War? Iraq invaded Kuwait. Claimed that Kuwait was taking more than their share of oil.
Why did the U.S. invade Afghanistan in 2001? To try to find Osama bin-Laden and destroy the terrorist group called al-Qaeda.
What was the cause of the U.S. war with Iraq in 2003? The U.S. believed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
What is the religion of most Arabs? Islam although there are Arabs that practice Judaism and Christianity.
What are the main reasons that the Israelis and Palestinians are still fighting today? Religious differences and land that both groups claim as their own.
In what country can the Gaza Strip and West Bank be found? Israel
What connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea? Suez Canal
What connects the Persian Gulf to the Arabian Sea? Strait of Hormuz
What major rivers are in the country of Iraq? Euphrates and Tigris
What river is on the border of Israel and Jordan? Jordan
How did the size of Israel change after the first Arab-Israeli War? Israel won the war, captured more land and increased in size.



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