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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 9

HELIOS (G) sun
SOL (L) sun
LUNA (L) moon
DIA (G) through, between, across, apart
TRANS (L) across, over, beyond, through
GEO (G) earth
TERRA (L) land
heliotrope plant which turns toward the sun
helium light gas used in balloons
helioscope telescope for looking at the sun
heliometer instrument for measuring the diameter of the sun
solar system the sun with the objects which revolve around it
solarium a sun dial; a glass enclosed sunroom
parasol a light, portable sunshade
solstice stopping or standing still of the sun
lunar of or pertaining to the moon
lunatic mad;affected by the moon
interlunar time between old and new moon when the moon is invisible
lunation 29 1/2 days - a lunar month or the time from one new moon to the next
diagnosis thorough knowledge
diagram a cross section of a drawing
diameter measure across
diamond hardest substance to be shaped or tamed
transport carry across
transfer carry across
transform change over to a different form
transparent appear or be seen through
geography draw the earth (make maps) and write about it
geology study of the earth and its formations
geometry branch of study on ways to measure the earth
George one who works the earth; a farmer
territory land under control of a government or owner
extraterrestrial outside of the earth's atmosphere
terrier small dog which hunts for burrowing game
Mediterranean Sea the sea in the middle of the land
dormant sleeping
dormitory place for sleeping
dormer window bedroom window set into a roof
dormouse sleeping or hibernating mouse
Created by: LiseBrinkley
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