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Basic Vocabulary

-basic vocabulary

doko where
nani what
dare who
ikutsu how many
ai love
heya room
hon book
hito person
inu dog
kami god
neko cat
aruku to walk
hanasu to speak
hashiru to run
korosu to kill
miru to see; to watch
taberu to eat
watashi I
anata you
kare he
kanojo she
watashitachi we
anatatachi / anatagata you [plural]
karetachi / karera them [a group including males]
kanojotachi / kanojora them [an all female group]
akai red
aoi blue
kuroi black
shiroi white
osoi slow
hayai fast
san mr., mrs., miss
sama royalty, important people, store customers
chan young girls
kun young boys
sensei teachers, doctors, proffesionals
senpai upperclassmen
Created by: gymgirl1903