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Ecce Romani 34 SALT

Ecce Romani Chapter 34 vocabulary SALT

pōculum cup for drinking wine
merum undiluted, thick, sweet wine
commissātiō a drinking party for males after dinner
corōna a garland or crown
flōs, flōris (m.) flower
apium parsley
hedera ivy
unguenta perfume
arbiter bibendī the Master of Drinking
tālī knucklebones, similar to dice
fritillus a cylinder from which the tālī are thrown
Venus the highest tālī throw when all are different
canis the lowest tālī throw of all ones
seniō a poor tālī throw of a combination containing sixes
cyanthus a small ladle, a measure of wine
plūs vīnī more (of the) wine (genitive of part)
creō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus to appoint
prūdentior wiser
quam (adv.) than
prūdenter (adv.) wisely
nimis (adv.) too much
modus, -ī way, method
cūra, -ae care
invocō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus to invoke, call upon
collāpsus est he collapsed
pessimus, -a, -um worst
poscō, poscere, poposcī to demand, ask for
misceō, miscēre, miscuī, mixtus to mix
sinō, sinere, sīvī, situs to allow
hauriō, haurīre, hausī, haustus to drain
fēlīx, fēlīcis (adj.) lucky
prūdēns, prūdentis (adj.) wise
ācer, ācris, ācre keen
fidēlis, -is, -e (adj.) faithful
difficilis difficult
similis similar
dissimilis dissimilar
gracilis slender
humilis humble
peior worse
maior, maius bigger
minor, minus smaller
plūrēs, plūra more
nē…quidem not even
convīvium, -ī feast, banquet
placeō, -ēre, -uī + dative to be pleasing to, to please
optimē (adv.) very well, excellently
suāvis, -is, -e sweet, delightful
vetus, veteris old
foedus, -a, -um filthy, disgusting
ēbrius, -a, -um drunk
in diēs every day, day by day
paulātim (adv.) gradually
magis (adv.) more
maximē (adv.) very much, very
nīl nothing
quam celerrimē as quickly as possible
vīnō abstinēns refraining from wine, “abstemious”
fiō, fierī, factus sum (irreg.) to become, be made, be done, happen
paucī, -ae, -a few
candidus, -a, -um white, fair-skinned, beautiful
sal, salis (m.) salt, wit
venuste noster my charming fellow
sacculus, -ī small bag for money, purse
arānea cobweb
contrā (adv.) in return
merus, -a, -um pure
seu = sīve (conj.) or if
quid suāviu ēlegantiusvest there is anything sweeter or more elegant
-vē (enclitic conj.) or
dōnō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus to give
Venus, Veneris (f.) the goddess Venus
Cupīdō, Cupīdinis (m.) the son of Venus
ut tē faciant that they make you
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