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virology ex1

exam 1 subjects

what is a specialized element? capsid
viruses are best observed by..... TEM
what kind of staining is used in TEM negative staining
viral envelope is composed of... lipid membrane and viral protein embedded
a nucleocapsid is... a naked virus
how many structual types of viruses are there? 1. icosahedral 2. helical 3. complex
envoloped virus consist of... nucleocapsid and envelope
smallest virus is a... parovirus
genus = ? virus
family = ? viridae
order = ? virales
isosahedron is... 20 sides, equilateral triangles on each side, 12 corners, and 30 edges... similar to a sphere.
2 fold symmetry for a icosahedron is... can rotate at 180 degrees and have the same orientation from the side edge
3 fold symmetry for a icosahedron is... through the middle has equal symmetry
5 fold symmetry for a icosahedron is... folding through a corner
intracapsomeric bond and intercapsomeric bonds are what kind of bonding? non covalent bonds
which one is stronger bonding? inter or intra- caposmeric? intracapsomeric
an example of a complex virus structure poxvirus
what determines virus structure? protein protein interaction, protein and NA interaction, protein structure, protein sequence, viral gene sequence
virus that contain GLUE (matrix protiens) orthoyxoviridae, pamyxovirdae, rhabdoviridae
what type of viruses are sensitive to bile and acid? enveloped viruses
ebola virus filoviridae
rabies virus rhabdoviridae
rota virus reoviridae
common cold rhinoviruses,adenoviridae, picornaviridae
rubella togaviridae
yellow fever and west nile virus flaviviridae
SARS coronaviridae
Influenza orthomyxoviridae
polio picornaviridae
measles paramyxoviridae
chickenpox, herpes, EBV herpesviridae
hanta virus bunyaviridae
lassa fever arenaviridae
primary culture is... 1st set of cells directly frm a animal and cultured and cells are growing
primary cell line is... primary culture being subcultured that are diploid
continuous cell line... ready supply of immortal aneuploid cells
types of assay... infectivity and physico-chemical
types of infectivity assay... quantal and quantitative
quantal assay consist of... recording the highest dilution that is causing CPE
a colony represents a.... specific strain; pure culture
one hit kinetics one infectious virus is suffient to form a plaque
two hit kinetics 2 virus particles is suffient to form a plaque
particle to infectivity ratio (PI)... total # of particles per infectious sites
Efficiency of plating (EOP) # of infectious units per total # of particle
multiplicity of infection (MOI) m = -ln P(o)
one step growth expt is done by max dulbruck
Created by: ibarguenl17