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Pharm chap 15

Cardio drugs

Depolarization movement of electrolytes into and out of the cell as it gets ready to send another electrical message.
Quinidine and Procainamide Two drugs that are often used to treat rapid and irregular dysrhythmias.
Ectopic Beats the cell fires before it should
Effective refractory period the time period during which the cells cannot release or dischare their electrical activity.
Myocardium middle layer of the heart
Dysrhythmia irregular rhythm
Normal Sinus Rhythm when the electrical impulse has spread along the pathway, the heart contracts, forcing blood out into the arteries.
ACE inhibitors *SLOWS DOWN AND SLOWLY DIALATES ALL VESSLES OF THE BODY.* All end in PRIL Can cause a dry cough Decreases Blood Pressure
Beta Blockers **SLOWS HR DOWN AND MAKES IT STRONGER** Dialates vessels a little Decreases tension on blood vessels ALL END WITH LOL
Potassium Balences normal BP and minimizes the possibilities of heart diseases and hypertension.
Digoxin *Decreases Heart Rate *Watch Potassium Levels *Toxic Effects- can lower HR to low *Side Effects-dizziness, and feeling of being Faint Normal Blood Lab values is 0.5-2.0 (above 2.0 is ditoxcity) PT may see yellow or halo lights
Nitroglyerin DILATES!! Loses strength in 3 months SIDE EFFECTS - FLUSHING, THROBBING HEADACHE, INCREASED HR, RISSINESS, LIGHT HEADEDNESS ***Sit down or Lay down*** If blurred vision, persistent headache, or dry mouth occurs call doctor!
Calcium Channel Blockers *Slows down the flow of calcium ions across the cell membrane. *Dilates coronary arteries and arterioles *Dialates by Relazing the Muscles
Thiazides Prevent reabsorbsion of sodium. Helps calcium reabsorb in bones. BLOCK SODIUM AND CHLORIDE REABSORPTION. *Dialates Arterioles *Ortostactic
Loops Diuretics **Lasix** *PT will always have to take potassium supplemtns *Needs to be taken in the morning WATCH POTASSIUM LEVELS (Normal is 4) **Good For: CHF, Kidney disease, Cirrhosis of Liver**
Potassium Sparing **Aldacton** *Increases the excretion of water and sodium but save potassium. *Binds to the Receptor sites in the distal renal tubular cell nucleus. USED FOR:Kidney disease, poor kidney function who have hypokalemia
Amiodaron Good for all arthymias - works powerful in the atriums and ventricles
Adienison For a heart that beats to fast (Tachycardia)
Apresoline *Peripheral vasodilator* Some PT's have swollen painful feet with ulcers around ankles *Peripheral Vasodilating agents are used to treat pain in the legs* Doesn't work as well in the heart EXPANDS OR OPENS ARTERIES
Atropine **SPEEDS UP HR** (increases HR at the SA node)
Niacin *Lowers Cholesterol *Gets Flushed and Red over body, muscular pain, constipation and LIVER PROBLEMS **DON'T TAKE WITH OTHER MEDS**
Simvastatin Class-Hyperlipidemic All antichloesterals end in STATIN ***Lowers LDL cholesterol <200
Created by: kurtandmelissa4