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Catullus Vocabulary

1, 2, 3

lepidus -a, -um: dear, sweet, delightful
novus -a, -um: new, fresh
modo (adv) just now
expolio expolire, expolivi, expolitus- to polish/smooth
soleo solere, solitus sum- to be accustomed
aliquis aliquis, aliquid: something/anything/someone/anyone
puto putare, putavi, putatus- think/believe
audeo audere, ausus sum- dare
omnis omnis, omne- each/every/all
explico explicare, explicavi, explicatus- unroll/explain
doceo docere, docui, doctus- teach/show
laboriosus -a, -um: involving much work, painstaking, laborious
quare (adv.) for which reason/therefore
habeo habere, habui, habitus- have/hold
virgo virginis, f, maiden/young woman
maneo manere, mansi, mansus- stay/remain
perennis perennis, perenne- enduring
ludo ludere, ludi, lusus- tease/trick/play/mock
teneo tenere, tenui, tentus- hold/keep
do dare, dedi, datus- give
peto petere, petivi, petitus- attack
acer acris, acre- keen/sharp
desiderium -i, n., desire, longing
niteo nitere- to shine; to be beautiful/radiant
dolor doloris, m., pain/heartache
credo credere, credi, creditus- trust/believe
gravis grave, heavy/important
possum posse, potui- to be able
tristis tristis, triste- gloomy/sad/sorrowful
cura -ae, f., worry/care/distress
fero ferre/tuli/latus- bring/bear/tell/speak
malus mali, m., apple tree
lugeo lugere, luxi, luctus- mourn/grieve
homo hominis, m., man
morior mori, mortuus sum- die
nosco noscere, novi, notus- to get to know/learn
mater matris, f, mother
moveo movere, movi, motus- move/stir
circumsilio/circumsalio circum+salio, salire, salui, salitus- jump/leap/hop around
iter itineris, n., journey/road
nego negare, negavi, negatus- deny/refuse
redeo redire, redivi, reditus- return
aufero auferre, abstuli, ablatus- bear off/away
opera -ae, f., effort/deed
fleo flere, flevi, fletus- cry/weep
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