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pg. 38 and 40 vocab.

Latin III

callidus, callida, callidum clever
cardo, cardinis, m hinge (of a door)
Thisbe, Thisbes, f Thisbe
egredior, egredii, egressus to go out
adoperio, adoperire, adoperui, adopertus to cover
pervenio, pervenire, perveni, perventus to come up, arrive
audax, audacis bold
ecce look, behold
leaena, leaenae, f lioness
spumo, spumare, spumavi, spumatus to foam, froth
oblino, oblinere, oblevi,oblitus to smear stain
rictus, rictus, m or n mouth, wide-open mouth
depono, deponere, deposui, depositus to put aside
sitis, sitis, f thirst
vicinus, vicina, vicinum neighboring
luna, lunae, f the moon
radius, radii, m beam, ray
Babylonius, Babylonia, Babylonium Babylonian
timidus, timida, timidum timid
velamen, velaminis, n veil, covering
lea, leae, f lioness
conpesco, conpescere, conpescui repress, suppress
cruento, cruentare, cruentavi, cruentatus to stain
lanio, lanare, lanavi, lanatus to mangle, tear in pieces
amictus, amictus, m cloak, shawl
Created by: hcmeek