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Audiotronics 2

Audio Electronics

Parallel voltage is ___. Constant
A good fuse typically = ______. 0 Ohms
Voltage across a working fuse = ____. 0 Volts
A blown fuse = _____. Current cannot flow across a blown fuse. Infinity Ohms
A dot is used in graphics and schematics to indicate ____ _____. An empty circle implies _____ _____. A Electrical Connection, No Connection
Normalling contacts are _____ _____, single throw switches used to _____ ____signal in special ways. Single pole, route signal
An insert is a Tip, Ring, Sleeve jack with a(n) _______ _________. Unbalanced Signal
Tip is _______. Ring is ________. Sleeve is _______. Send, Return, Ground
Acronyms definitions: PCB, TRS, DMM, PSU Printed Circuit Board, Tip-Ring-Sleeve, Digital MultiMeter, Power Supply Unit
Cold solder joint / how solve Tinning, make sure you apply heat for long enough.
diode leg name identification: schematic and actual component AND, NAND, OR, NOR, EXOR, EXNOR, INVERTER/ 1: TRUE, 2: FALSE
Resistance Current Downstep (varies)
Continuity Solid connections
Voltage Unit of measure of measurement for current
Diodes Lets current flow in only 1 direction
Function of an 'insert' To manipulate signal in a closed circuit
Jack cleaning burnisher Used to clean the main contacts of a patch jack by removing a small film of metal from the surface
Injector function Allows the contacts to be cleaned efficiently by exposing their surfaces when plugged into a patch point
Measuring voltage on an oscilloscope V/ Division knob
Op amp inputs and outputs Input 2 signals, output 1 signal
Oscillator Creates audible waveforms at specified frequencies
Oscilloscope Displays Time (T) and Voltage (V). Visual voltage reader for people. Time is on left-right X AXIS. Volatge is displayed vertically Y AXIS.
TRS contact definitions/function, wiring colors for balanced applications Tip, Ring Sleeve; Tip:Hi(white), Ring: Low(black), Sleeve: Ground (green)
TRS contact definitions/function, wiring colors for stereo applications Tip + Sleeve: Left, Ring: right (short lug = tip = left ear, ring = right ear)
Voltage regulators 78xx 79xx 78xx is positive (+) , 79xx is negative (-)
Relative dB A change in output level relative to input level
Absolute dB Measurement of level referenced to a standard
dBm Measurement of power transfer, referenced to 1mW
dBv Measurement of voltage transfer across a 600 ohm load, 0.775 Vrms
dBu Measurement of voltage of voltage transfer, Independent of load impedance, 0.775 Vrms
dBV Measurement of voltage transfer, independent of load impedance, referenced to 1Vrms
dBW MEasurement of power transfer, referenced to 1W
dBFS Measurement of digital audio level, 0 dBFS is the absolute max. digital level
Mic Level Signal level typical of a mic output; -20 dBu nominal level, lower impedance than instrument level
Instrument Level Instrument level; -20 dBu nominal level, higher impedance than microphone level
Consumer Line Level Consumer audio equipment; -10dBV nominal level
Pro Line Level Pro gear; +4 dBu nominal level
Unbalanced Interface Audio interconnect utilizing one hot conductors of equal impedance between signal ground conductor
Balanced Interface Audio interconnect utilizing two signal conductors of equal impedance to ground
Preamplifier An audio circuit used to increase lo level voltages and adapt impedances between circuits
Low Pass Filter A voltage divider audio circuit w/ an output that is inversely proportional to frequency
High Pass Filter A voltage divider audio circuit w/ an output that is directly proportional to frequency
Direct Box An audio circuit that converts a high impedance unbalanced signal into a low impedance balanced signal.
Reamp Box An audio circuit that transforms a pro line level signal into a high impedance instrument level signal
Isolated Splitter An audio circuit used to minimize signal loss when feeding multiple inputs from a single source
Humbucker A type of pickup used to reject electromagnetic noise through the use of two oppositely wound coils
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