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68wm6 postpartum1

Nursing Care During the Postpartum Period

NSVD Normal, Spontaneous, Vaginal Delivery VS,Breasts,Uterus,Bladder,Lochia,Perineum,Lower extremities,Other systems.
engorgement firm and tender
Lochia rubra Blood content; bright red colored for the first couple days
Lochia serosa Pink to brown discharge lasting the first postpartum week
Lochia alba Slightly yellow to white discharge which lasts 10 days to 2 weeks
How much is heavy lochia volume? saturating a pad every 2 hours.
How much is moderate lochia volume? less than a 6 inch stain on the pad.
How much is light lochia volume? less than a 4 inch stain
How much is scant lochia volume? less than a two inch stain
How much is excessive lochia volume? saturation of a peripad pad within 15 minutes
What would you report to a provider about lochia? Foul smelling, bright red discharge Clots passed, larger than the size of your fist.Pad saturated in less than one hour
REEDA Redness,Edema,Ecchymosis,Discharge, Approximation assessment done for episiotomy
episiotomy surgically incision on the perineum and the posterior vaginal wall during second stage of labor
What are comfort measures for post episiotomy? Ice pack 24hr Topical medications: Dermoplast, Epifoam. Tucks pads, Sitz bath, Dry heat, heat lamp,Oral analgesics.
What will you see during a cardiac assessment? Increased Blood Volume, decreased cardiac output,blood clotting factors are higher, chills R/T pressure on pelvic nerve
What will you see during a neurologic assessment? Reversal of maternal adaptations to pregnancy and those resulting from trauma during labor and childbirth. Pregnancy-induced neurological discomforts abate after birth. Postpartum headaches
What will you see during a endocrine assessment? Placental hormones decrease. Ovulation resumes:Breastfeeding delays ovulation.Endocrine glands return to normal
What will you see during a musculoskeletal system assessment? Abdominal muscle tone returns to normal. Feet may be permanently enlarged.
What will you see during a Integumentary System sassessment? Chloasma Striae fade Hyperpigmentation of the skin fade after delivery. Fine hair seen during pregnancy usually disappears after giving birth.
What will you see during a Immune System assessment? Depending on mother.Rhogam or Rubella Immunization might be given. Must consent and be counseled to avoid pregnancy for at least 4 weeks.
Explain characteristics of lochia to report to primary care provider. color, amount odor, report clot bigger than size of fist
When is uterine massage necessary? during every assessment exspecially with a boggy fundus (soft, smushy) has not contracted all the way
Rubin’s Psychological Changes of the Puerperium: Phase 1 Taking In. Phase 2 Taking Hold. Phase 3 Letting Go.
Postpartum Danger Signs Passive reactions, Hostile Disappointment over the sex of baby Lack of eye contact Non-supportive interaction between parents.
Postpartum Blues Mild depression. Affects 70% of mothers.Self-limiting.Does not affect the mothers ability to care for the infant.
During the Postpartum Period if the fundus is not firm, and massaging and breast feeding does not increase the muscle tone prepare to give what medication oxytocic, pitocin, methergine
Which drug is given to an Rh negative mom who has an RH-positive infant? Rhogam given within 72 hours
What drug is given for a boggy uterus after massaging, and breast stimulation has been attempted? Pitocin
When should discharge teaching start? Planning begins at confirmation of pregnancy
What is the discharge criteria for the mother? No complications. Normal assessments. Immunizations given if needed. Discharge teaching given. Demonstration of readiness to take care of self and baby is evident. Support person is available.
Chloasma A patchy brown or dark brown skin discoloration
Striae fade pink, reddish or purplish indented streaks strech marks
Why would you give a mother a Rubella Immunization? given to a mother who is not immune in the immediate postpartum period. Prevent infection during subsequent pregnancies.
What does prenatal vitamins contain, that mothers will need more of Folic Acid
Why do we give Vitamin K? Helps produce clotting factors (to help prevent serious bleeding
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