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Surgical Procedures for Urinary Dysfunction

Define Nephrectomy: The surgical removal of the kidney. Usually due to malignant tumors or large stones resulting in a non-functioning kidney
When is removal of an adrenal gland also included in a nephrectomy? If the nephrectomy was due to a renal tumor
When will PT be put on NPO prior to a nephrectomy? PT will be NPO after the midnight prior
How often and how long should vitals be taken after a nephrectomy? every 1-4 hours for the first 24-48 hours
Define Nephrostomy: A catheter inserted into the kidney pelvis for drainage; requires surgical placement
What can clamping a nephrotomy catheter cause? Acute pyelonephritis
What is the limit of irrigation volume that can safely be instilled into a nephrostomy tube? 5 ml
What medications prevent rejection and infection in a kidney transplant PT? Immunosuppressants and anti-rejection medications (i.e Cyclosporine, Mycophenolate)
What is the most common urinary diversion procedure? Brickers procedure or ileal loop
What is done in an ileal conduit procedure? *The bladder is removed *A section of the ileum is removed, with the ends of the remaining ileum reanastomosed *The ureters are implanted into the removed section of ileum *Urine will contain mucus, as segments of bowel produce mucus
What will be found in the urine of a patient with an ileal conduit? Mucus
How long can a permanent urostomy bag be left in place? 4 - 7 days
How often is a urostomy bag emptied? every 2 to 3 hours
Is the use of one or two urostomy bags the most efficient? The use of one bag is the most efficient
Created by: Shanejqb