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Michuta SS test1

Unit one assessment practice questions

What do Historians study? They study people and events in the past.
What do Geographers study? They study the earth and the ways in which people interact with the earth.
What do Economist study? They study how people use resources to fulfill economic wants. They also examine the choices people and societies make.
What do Political scientists study? They study governments and how people interact with them.
Give examples of questions a historian might ask. What happened? When did it happen? Who was involved? How and why did it happen?
Give examples of questions a geographer might ask. Where is it? What is it like there? How is it connected to other places?
Give examples of questions an economist might ask. What is produced? How is it produced? How much is produced? who gets what is produced? What role does the government play in the economy?
Give examples of questions a political scientist might ask. What does government do? What are the basic value and principles of American constitutional democracy? What is the relationship of the United States to other nations? What are the rights and responsibilities of citizens in the United States?
Created by: cmichuta