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virology NP 1

noble prize winners

descriptionName and yr of award
crystallized TMV wendell m stanley 1935-46
small pox vaccine edward jenner 1798
rabies vaccine louis pasteur 1885
found Tobacco mosaic disease Dmitri Iwanowsky 1892
foot and mouth disease Loeffler and Frosch 1898
gave the beginning terms of "virus" to tabacco mosaic disease beijerinck 1899
viruses that cause malignant tumors in chickens peyton rous 1911
bacteriophages discovered Twort and de'Herelle 1914-1918
yellow fever Max thelier 1927-1951
showed that TMV is made of protein and nucleic acid bawden 1937-38
animal viruses started to be used 1930s
electron microscopy was first used 1940s
bacteriophages were being used 1930s
1 step growth expt delbruck and luria 1940s
genetic material is DNA hershey 1969
polio virus in cell culture robbin and weller 1954
phage lambada and lysogeny lwoff 1965
poyoma virus; animal plaque assay dulbecco 1975
kuru disease Gadjusek 1976
hepatitis b virus blumberg 1976
REN; restriction endonucleases aber nathans smith 1978
reverse transcriptase temin and baltimore 1975
viral vectors and genetic engineering berg 1980
discovered viroids diener
oncogene in a retrovirus bishop and varmus 1989
RNA splicing in adenovirus sharp and roberts 1993
prion theory stanley prusiner 1982 & 1997
discovery of HIV Luc montgnier and francoise barresinassi 2008
HPV strains cause cervical cancer harald zur hausen 2008
mimivirus 2002
draco 2011
virophages 2008
Created by: ibarguenl17